What do the OCTA, Cal Trans and the NFL have in common?




There is nothing like not listening to the public.  The sensitive society of old that held ethics, honor, disapline, hard work and kindness as their mantle of success has gone the way of the buggy whip.  It can only be seen on a few holidays and on special occasions.  For those who have not heard;  The NFL is letting all their players with child, spouse, family and special relationship people abuse back to work until Charles Manson can finally get released and be denied Parole for the 100th time.  The Commissioner of the NFL needs to go ……after this nonsense remains unsettled through five or six seasons “of getting all the facts and letting the process work”.  Ray McDonald was not only Indicted but Prosecuted and found guilty of Felony Bodily Harm and Abuse.  He still plays as he continues to Appeal the verdict of the Judge.  This is Foxy Knoxy all over again.  This is Jody Arias….all over again.  This is Casey Anthony all over again.  No wonder OJ thinks he got robbed in the court room after he got robbed in the Hotel room.  The only way that the NFL can save its image is to suspend all players with Family Domestic Abuse still in works.  Hiding behind the Legal System is way too shoddy for government work and if the NFL is not careful – they may find the wrath of the Congress may be more than they bargained for.  The NCAA should take serious note and make sure their sheets are clean into the foreseeable future on Domestic or Relationship Abuse issues.

Meanwhile our dearly accomplished OCTA continues to exhibit stupidity at the highest of levels.  They are quickly becoming “the Gang that couldn’t shoot straight!”  They blow one issue after another – then fail to advise the TCA, even in an advisory sense – that shutting down the Toll Booths was going to be a very dumb move!  Anyone, from the OCTA on record regarding opposition to closing down the Toll Booths?  Start naming them……they might even start to look intelligent….if you can find a e-mail or remark to the press regarding that issue.

Now, it gets worse.  The Legal Eagles at the OCTA say that by delaying the imposition of Toll Lanes on the 405 that it is costing the agency $3 million dollars a month – because of coming inflation…..that will raise the cost of materials!  Who are these nightmare excuses for Public Servants?  Who cares fellas and gals…the people have spoken – No New Taxes and No Toll Roads with Measure M money or Administrative Assistance.  So, the OCTA CPA’s say that if the decision is put off 18 months it could cost $60 million dollars in increased asphalt and steel cost.  We guess they can get a developer group that will lock in the price right now. Let’s call Tony Moisio and ask him what he thinks then.  How about Donald Bren or Bill Lyons?  What a joke.  How about this:  Let’s put off the Toll Road Decision for five years or a vote of the people whatever comes first?

Luckily, Cal Trans is a State Agency and it is totally amazing that our local State Legislators here in Orange and Los Angeles County have not sought the ear of Downtown Jerry Brown to intercede on this issue.  The people do not want Toll Roads.  The people do not want Measure M funds to go for something they don’t want.  What is unclear in this photo?

One thing for sure;  The OCTA, Cal Trans and the NFL need to go to therapy and spend some  time in various  Day Care and Foster Families who have a bunch of two year olds that all know how to say “NO!”  How can it be so unclear to these minions of our great institutions?  “NO!” means “NO!”

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