New Lawsuit Against Fullerton Police Alleges Forcible Sex by Detective last year.

Former Fullerton Police Detective Ronald Bair

A lawsuit just filed in federal court alleges that a now ex-Detective Ronald Bair, of the Fullerton Police Department, demanded sexual favors from a woman in exchange for favorable testimony in a child custody case. The OC Weekly’s Gabriel San Roman summarizes the suit in a September 15 article.

The plaintiff is suing not only the Fullerton Police Department, but also the City of Fullerton and FPD officers who, she alleges, mishandled her complaint against Det. Bair, and “inappropriately, told police detective Ronald Bair about the anonymous complaint, by the plaintiff,” exposing the plaintiff to retaliatory actions against her. The text of the lawsuit is very disturbing, and paints a picture of a vulnerable woman in the midst of a painful custody…

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