Harkey Husband Hits New Low, Sues his own Fraud Victims!




Republican politician Diane Harkey, financial criminal Dan Harkey, fraud victim Kurt Sipolski.

Last December we reported, as you may remember, the criminal misdeeds of Dan Harkey, the funder-husband of Assemblywoman/BOE favorite Diane Harkey – how Dan was found guilty of defrauding a whole bunch of senior investors in a Bernie Madoff-like ponzi scheme and ordered to pay them back $11 million, and how instead the multi-millionaire declared bankruptcy and has refused to pay his victims a cent, as many of them continue to live in poverty, subsisting on their social security checks or families.  At the time our favorite commenter David Zenger responded:

“I guess you can’t get any lower.”

Well, for once, Zenger was wrong!   Mr. Harkey DID find a way to get even lower.  For now it’s come to our attention that he’s begun filing suit against his own victims – for $50 million each, individually, one at a time in different courts – on the grounds of something called “malicious prosecution.”

“Huh???” is about right.

This is a pattern of behavior we’ve seen before with Mr. Harkey – filing multiple separate suits against different victims in different courts at slightly different times, to intimidate them and keep them off balance.  He did this a few years ago in order to coerce some of these folks to participate in some investment schemes they didn’t want to.  That plan failed…but how was it even possible to abuse the legal system that way?

Our friend Kurt Sipolski, a polio victim in Palm Desert and author of a well-received memoir about his mother, “Too Early For Flowers,” alerted us to this new outrage this week.  Kurt, who was left impoverished by Harkey and is living on $600 a month Social Security, was awakened Monday by “a very pretty lady in stiletto heels.”  No, she did not come with the $150,000 which should be Kurt’s share of the $11 million court-ordered award, but a 500-page lawsuit demanding $50 million from Kurt for his temerity in having beaten Harkey in court.

Now these victims/plaintiffs/defendants are waiting to see how many shoes drop – so far Harkey has sued about half a dozen of them.  Jeff Gomberg, out in Tennessee, received HIS suit a few weeks ago.  Jeff’s was a little different from the others, as “defamation” was included in the charges against him.  Younger than most of the original plaintiff/defendants, Jeff had originally gotten involved in the case against Harkey when his elderly parents died waiting for the million or so that they were owed by the swindler.

How fair is it to associate Dan Harkey’s incredible, nearly comically predatory sociopathic behavior with his politician wife Diane, who is currently all but guaranteed victory in her race for Board of Equalization this November?  All kinds of fair. 

  • Diane began her career coming out of nowhere onto the Dana Point City Council in the late 90’s, funded by her  husband’s ill-gotten gains.
  • Diane’s 700 forms have consistently shown $200,000 income from her husband’s Point Center investment firm, during a time when no other investors were receiving income.
  • Records show a pattern of Dan transferring money from his company into his personal account, and thence into Diane’s campaign coffers, including a $100,000 campaign debt.
  • Diane has never foregone a moment of luxury living off her husband’s swindled profit at Dana Point’s Ritz Cove (above right) while masquerading as a champion of the poor put-upon taxpayer.

It’s hard to imagine Diane Harkey, the Republican candidate against some unknown Democrat in such a heavily Republican district as the one including Orange and San Diego Counties and the Inland Empire, not prevailing and holding this powerful taxpayer-funded job for eight years;  just as it is hard not to imagine the nausea, despair and nihilism that will follow that outcome.  Diane and her husband have successfully insulated her legally from all the unpunished swindles that started her career and keep her ticking.  But still, just in the spirit of putting up a bit of a fight, here is the website of her opponent, a “Nader Shahatit.”

Oh, great.  It is “currently under construction.”  Just brilliant.  Aren’t Democrats wondrous?


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