Cuteness Weekend Open Thread – UPDATE – LOTS of new videos this beautiful Sunday morning!




So much death, mayhem, pain and sadness in the news and on this blog lately, our readers have been clamoring for a weekend open thread that is light, life-affirming, and … cute!  So the best thing we could think of was cute videos – little kids, puppies and kittens.

Please send in the links to your favorite cute videos – especially kittens and puppies – and we will put them up here.  And meanwhile feel free to talk about anything within the usual bounds of propriety.  Peace out…

The Evil Eye

Dog teaches Puppy how to Descend Stairs

Girl Decries Sexism of Toy Companies

Three Year Old Girl will “Kick [Monster’s] Ask.”

“Apparently” kid – future newscaster

From Mudge – Nothing Cuter than the Tarsier!

3 from Corgi freak Cynthia Ward:

Corgi puppies visit a college dorm

Promo For Corgi Race

A “very Vern Nelson kind of Corgi Video”

…and from Inge…

And a Little Irritated Irish Music to Brighten Up Your Day!

Thanks everybody, not too late to send more!  Especially when these tragedies just don’t seem to stop…

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