Sucking Up to Kring, Rackauckas Slams Tom Tait for Honoring the U.S. Constitution!

Rackauckas Kring Tongue Bath

Oh yeah? Well, this graphic is less disturbing than the fact that the DA chose to headline Lyin’ Lucy Kring’s fundraiser in the FIRST place!

I have been told that a LOT of Republicans, some of whom would surprise me, are privately going to be voting for me tomorrow, because they think that Tony Rackauckas has just gone too far and the notion of his leaving office early to be replaced by Susan Kang Schroeder, so that she can run in 2018 as an incumbent, offends them.  (After all, I’m going to have my hands full just trying to clean up the place, so I will have neither the time to push any sort of ideological agenda nor the inclination to pursue a partisan one.  It’s “good government policies” all the way, folks!  You’ll get use to it.)

Well, if enough people read what’s going on in the Anaheim Blog today, there will be even more Republicans voting for me than I expected.  Here’s their story:

There was a strong turnout last Thursday at Lucille Kring’s mayor campaign fundraiser at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in the Resort area, out on the patio with the results of 20 years of bond-financed investment in the Resort in full view.

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackackaus headlined Kring’s fundraiser. He talked about the great work being done to crack down on criminal gangs in Anaheim, praising the city’s police department as “one of the best” and originators of the GRIP (Gang Reduction and Intervention Program) program that is now used county-wide. He talked to the crowd about using gang injunctions, cracking down on the worst perpetrators, and working hand-in-hand with the Anaheim Police Department to do some very hard and needed work to protect neighborhoods and families.

“I don’t like to be negative,” Rackauckus told those in attendance, “But I’m sorry to say that in this effort we have gotten no help from the office of the Mayor.”

Those gang injunctions that Racky is bragging about?  They were ILLEGAL.  They were recently found to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL — because he pushed them too far.  Where Anaheim’s GOP-endorsed Mayor wouldn’t support them, THAT WOULD BE WHY.

Does Racky not get that, or does he get it and just not care?

And recent improvements in the Anaheim Police Department — and I think that there have been some — have come from courageous pushback by mothers and other relatives of young men killed by police — who finally got the world’s attention and got the Department to back off a bit out of concern for the city’s reputation.

Anyway, Tony thanks for going after the far-more-popular-than-you Tom Tait!  If I do defeat you tomorrow, this stupid and pointless gaffe of yours — trying to appeal to the very people whom your office ought to be investigating, such as Lyin’ Lucy Kring, rather than leaving the heavy lifting to groups like CATER, for which I work — will be the major reason why!

(So does anyone know if I have to list Racky’s participation in the Kring fundraiser on my campaign finance forms as an in-kind contribution?)

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