The Great LA Laker – LA Clippers Merger and Acquisition?

“What we have here … a failure to communicate!” Strother Martin said in Cool Hand Luke.  Think about it, who would get drunk, take a construction pipe cutter and spend three hours cutting the heads off of parking meters in a small southern town?  The guy gets put on a chain gang for five years of hard labor.  Luke has no quit in him and soon finds himself at odds with both his fellow prisoners and all the Prison guards, each one meaner and more cruel than the next.  The frustrating story soon finds Luke making friends with the big bully of the Prisoners after being beaten senseless.  He achieved some semblance of respect for just being indomitable.  No quit in Lukey boy….ever!  The sad ending …tells it all, but anyone that never saw this picture should put it on the must see list.

As we access Kobe Bryant and his return to the LA Lakers for the 2015 Season, he is coming back at 39 years old, a great mega-star icon of the NBA and totally at odds with his owner/manager Jim Buss and the team General Manager Mitch Kupchak.  Pau Gasol doesn’t seem to hold much water for those two either.  The remnants of the once great Lakers are presently without a coach.  It took a Herculean effort by the fans, sports writers and players to finally rid the team of Mike D’Antoni…..the near do well “Son of Mike Brown”, who recently got fired by the Cleveland Cavs after a couple of seasons.  The 2014 Laker season was a tale of no defense, ridiculous offense and the concept that if you can score 100 points a game and still lose…..the fans will still love you.  Wrongo Jimmy the Buss, wrongo Mitchy the Kupcake, wrongo Beverly Hills Buss family.  Meanwhile, the dawdling cost the Lakers any chance to bring Phil Jackson back, who has gone with relish to the New York Knicks and General Manager and Chief Poo Bah!  While Rome/the Lakers burned Stan Van Gundy the eclectic passed coach of the Orlando Magic was able to put a great deal together as head of operations and Coach for the Detroit Pistons.

Shifting gears to the LA Clippers, it was a tale of “the two different dynasty” take.  The stupidity, bigotry and greed of the Sterling family, make the Village People look like The Partridge Family!  Donnie Boy Sterling’s refusal to admit he is a racist, lothario, slum lord and NBA Franchise denied person may be the most simple explanation to why the NBA will be under huge pressure to make these actions irrefutable reasons for “summary denial of an NBA Franchise” for anyone in the future.  It will no doubt be a reason why all sports will be under scrutiny in the foreseeable future.  The Shelly, wife, could be ex-wife, could be witness to paramour activities of  many of Donnie Boy’s indiscretions…..and Slum Lord Supervisor for the Sterling holdings is no better.  There is little doubt that the Sterlings are going to war with the NBA and the United States Government.   They will do anything not to sell the Clippers to Oprah or Magic at any price!  The Sterlings keep leaking various audio tapes with outrageous remarks.  Their denial is quite reminiscent of the Nixon tapes and denials of wrong doing.

So, we have two very bad situations here in Los Angeles.  There might be just one solution:  Merge the great players of the LA Clippers, with the remnants of the once great LA Lakers.  What do you call such a team?  Laker-Clips Group?  We are open, pick a reasonable new name for such a team.  Force both the Buss and Sterling families to sell their teams to a third party.  Maybe Mark Cuban?  Maybe Robert Kraft?  Maybe Michael Bloomberg?  You pick!  Someone preferably that will want Doc Rivers to Coach that super team and doesn’t mind having Kobe and Pau on the same team with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

The Great LA Laker – LA Clippers Merger and Acquisition!  What a great idea!   What a great country!

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