Welcome to Fantasy Island!

Malaysian Flight 370 is an enigma wrapped in a mystery, isn’t it?  How does a Commercial Airliner simply disappear in 2014?    We won’t belabor all the current suggestions of what happened.  We will however  add our two cents as to the thinking “out of the box and guessing” of just what may have occurred to a perfectly good Boeing 777 Dreamliner with 239 souls on board.

Let’s start with the two Iranians with those stolen passports.  Their backgrounds, associates, family members and co-workers they ever knew should all be contacted.  The FBI needs to do a full fledged investigation to find out how they got those stolen passports.  Did they simply buy them from street wise pick pockets or did they get them from organized crime, terrorist connected criminals or from unknowned governmental agencies of a foreign government or non-profit organization.  What groups, what work did they do for a living.  How long had they been in Malaysia?  Did they live in Malaysia or were they just transiting through?  What technical skills did they have?  What technical abilities did they have in regard to nerve gas or other debilitating chemical agents.  What computer skills and knowledge did they have?  Did they know anyone else on Flight 370 before the date of departure?

The next group under investigation should be the entire flight crew of Flight 370.  Each and everyone of them should be investigated in exactly the same way that the two Iranians should be investigated.  The Senior Pilot had his own Flight Simulator at his home.   Who were his known associates?  Who else did he train in Flight procedures?  How could a Senior Pilot be allowed his very own Fiight Simulator at his home – by Malaysain Airlines – Chief of Pilots?   The younger Co-Pilot also needs extensive vetting of his private life and known associates.  Which Mosque did he go to and who were his friends there?  Virtually, all  of the flight crew needs extensive investigation into their families, their associates and the co-workers they were around.

The next group of course are the 25 Chinese Scientists that were traveling together on the flight.  What conference were they going to or came from before getting on Flight 370?  How many passengers on Flight 370 bought last minute tickets with cash?  How many passengers on the plane were from foreign countries of origin – even though most were considered ethic Chinese?

Next, we need to know what cargo was aboard Flight 370?  The complete manifest of all cargo and special mail should be identified.  The weight of Flight 370 should be assessed including and excluding all fuel aboard.  Was there anything aboard that could be considered toxic, chemical or explosive?  Photos of every passenger and flight crew member should be available to the public immediately.  There should be a world wide search for any identities which do not match.

Since all electronic locaters aboard Flight 370 were disabled over a period of 30 minutes or so – at that time, how much fuel remained?  The suggestion that the plane flew without electronic surveillance for over 4 hours after the last transmission and a severe left turn aiming for the Mallacka Straits makes one think that a destination was in mind for a possible landing,  perhaps on a island and all with the possibility of re-fueling.  Did they kidnap the Chinese Scientists?  Did they terminate the rest of the passengers?  Were all the passengers simply killed in flight, by means unknown?

Will Flight 370 be used in some nefarious attack later?  Is this simply a re-play of the James Bond film:  Thunderball?  One thing is for sure – we need the answers to all these questions.  We have to go back to the days of D.B. Cooper and the first highjackings of an American airliner to be this confused by the way this situation has played out – at this point.  Perhaps it was just another “Explosive Center Gas Tank” like that of TWA Flight 800.  Perhaps both pilots experience a bad case of food poisoning like that of “High and Mighty” with John Wayne landing it on the beach at Malibu?  Perhaps next time the bad guys will simply find an Airliner Graveyard in New Mexico or some other foreign country and put together their own Evil Airline.  We suppose that most importantly, our global resources find this plane…..repainted, sold to slave traders or given to Syrian refugees……we need to know what happend to Flight 370!

At this point, it just seems a Ricardo Montalban moment:  “Look Boss…..d’plane….d’plane!”   Welcome to Fantasy Island!

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