Weekend Open Thread: Cesar Chavez’ Birthday, Impeach Obama Rally, and Hallelujah!

First, Ricardo wants to remind us all that it’s Cesar Chavez’ birthday Sunday, and in order to have a proper birthday fiesta for the beloved civil rights icon, he thinks we should all listen to the following great songs from the 1976 Los Lobos album ¡Sí Se Puede!, which was a tribute to him.  The first song, “No Nos Moverán,” was a particular inspiration to the justice movement in Ricardo’s Chile…

Wait… none of these are on YouTube, sorry Ricardo!  Is that a Los Lobos policy?  I guess you can hear that whole album on iTunes here.  Instead here is the lovely Joan Baez singing No Nos Moverán!

But here we are in hard-case Orange County, and before Cesar’s birthday swings around, we’ve got a big Impeach Obama Rally to announce – tomorrow, Saturday, from 11am till 2, on the Bake overpass in Irvine near Rockfield near Irvine auto mall. The 92B exit if on the 5 north, turn left on Bake. 92 exit coming from 5 South fwy, left onto Bake.  Cesar said “Sí Se Puede?” Well, a lot of serious people in the south County are saying “NO, YOU MOST CERTAINLY MAY NOT!”  From their Facebook event page:

Banners, Flags and Signs from the overpass in Irvine/Lake forest, CA will wave to express that we’re mad as hell and we aren’t wiling to take lawlessness or live under the rulings of a tyrannical dictator.

Soldiers and patriots fought for Americans to be free of tyrants who ignore the Constitution of the United States, oaths were sworn to from electeds in high offices but they make a mockery out of laws this country was founded on.

Lies, disrespect for the soldiers of this county and for our framers and founding fathers lead up to the redressing of our grievances.

Make sure to bring a camera or video and if you have, pepper spray or a stun gun (best to wear it so it shows), absolutely no one is to be out there alone (for your safety), this time we’ll be ready with cameras for any trolls or troublemakers.  [Wow, do these protesters really face danger from angry liberals, or the law, or whom?  – ED]

Signs and banners need to be big and bold enough to be seen from the overpass.

This is near an empty on Saturday, industrial park, and theres street parking too.

Here are some printer ready signs http://ioncoalition.net/sign-making-tips/  If anyone is interested, after the protest, we will be heading over to the Chik Fillet in Foothill Ranch, CA.  [Ooh, Chik-Fillet – way to stick it to the Man! – ED]

You don’t necessarily have to have a sign, but bring a flag, if you have one.

If we are rained out on 3/29 I will notify you with another date, in the meantime we are still set for 3/29!

A recent event just a little farther south, in northern San Diego County – let’s hope our OC’ers have such success!

I did ask Ma Merijoe, organizer of this event, OJ friend, and original Kelly’s Army soldier, what exactly they want to impeach Obama for.  And she reacted in a stunned way, as though there were too many legitimate reasons to choose from!  Well, I felt nostalgia for thinking the same thing about impeaching Bush and Cheney a few short years ago, so … good luck guys!  I’ll try to be there and report.  I do hope you get more than “8 going, 2 maybe.”  (and one of those “going” is yours truly – Vern.  Just to report, take pictures… and make sure none of my fellow liberals HURT these fine citizens.  Damn… can someone give me a ride?)


Finally, here’s my version of Leonard Cohen’s popular “Hallelujah” combined with Handel’s celebrated “Hallelujah Chorus.”  I had too much coffee one day and I was stuck somewhere waiting for a ride, and then it suddenly occurred to me how to do this.  ONLY THE THREE BEST VERSES!  (Everyone but Leonard seems to leave out that last one “Even though it all went wrong…”)  Unfortunately this was from the session where only one stereo side was recording so I’m gonna have to do it again, but you kinda can’t tell on a laptop…

Talk about stuff.  Anything.  But make it good.  Or as Hamlet said to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, “Anything, but TO THE POINT.”


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