Stories You May Have Missed This Weekend at OJB (Jan 3-5)!

Lily Tomlin & Jane Wagner

We’re evidently supposed to share this, and I personally wish the couple the best, despite the pain of finally ending my childhood dreams of becoming Mr. Lily Tomlin.

While you were out cavorting this post-New Year’s weekend, perhaps still hung over from your New Year’s Eve revelries at the marriage (after 42 years together of Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner), you may have missed the following stories:

4th Supe District: Nobody Can Beat Shawn Nelson (If Nobody Runs Against Shawn Nelson)

An analysis of the 4th District Supervisorial Race, which doesn’t yet look like a race — but could become one!

Weekend Open Thread: In Case You Missed It, OJB’s Top Sorties (or Stories) of 2013!

A reprint of our Top 27 or so stories of 2013, which may take some time for you to read.

Religion Making a Comeback in America – Agree? and Government and Symbolism Don’t Mix!

A pair of think pieces on religious and political correctness.

Fullerton Fails to Block DA’s Access to Police Records in Murder Trial

A Fullerton Rag story on maneuvering in the Kelly Thomas Murder trial.

Viet Bigotry Melts to Manageable Size, LGBT to March in Tet Parade!

Our celebratory coverage of the weekend’s big political victory.  (We almost broke this — damn you, Weekly’s Charles Lam!)

Talkin’ GMOs with an Educated Cynic and Talkin’ Cynicism with Educated GMO critics

In the wake of the Cheerios announcement, a middle position on GMOs: essentially, “don’t be a jerk.”

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