Governor Jerry Brown officially admitted (in the form of a formal proclamation)  that California is in a severe drought — possibly the worst in history. NO KIDDING! I am certainly no meteorologist but I could see this coming since last year. Why did he wait SO LONG to finally say something publicly about something that should be obvious to anyone paying the least bit of attention? We should have been conserving water a year ago!

In a speech he gave this morning, Brown said, “The more water we use, the less water we have. The more water we save, the more water we have.”  Wow! That is so deep Jerry! So, if I understand Gov. Brown, he thinks — by conserving water, we will have more water. What a concept!

My question is this. Why does our government always wait until we have a crisis to actually do something to fix it? Brown does not have the power to make it rain BUT, he and our elected representatives did have the power to make changes that caused the drought in the first place. Scientists have been warning us since forever that if we continue messing with our environment, Mother Nature will hit back.

I can already hear the naysayers now… “Climate change is a natural occurrence. It is not man-made. Droughts are normal.”  And yes, I agree droughts are normal but we are now seeing them go to the extreme. Look at the extreme winter weather Back East and the Midwest.

We have been debating climate change, which used to be called “global warming” for decades and all we do is talk about it.  If there are laws passed —  it takes years before they go into effect. We still drive  gas guzzlers. Nobody gets upset or thinks to maybe drive smaller, more gas efficient vehicles until the price of gas goes over $4.00. I’m betting the people whose homes and businesses were destroyed from Hurricane Sandy never thought about the consequences of our collective actions until they lost everything they own. We don’t get hurricanes in California but wildfires can destroy lives just as much.

My prediction is that not only will we have the worst drought in history, we will have some major fires to contend with.  We will also see “water wars.” Or will we become a reality show … added to other shows like, Cupcake Wars or Storage Wars?  Farmers need water to irrigate their fields. We need drinking water. Who will win that battle? And then there is the question of fracking. Fracking requires huge amounts of water and you can bet the oil companies aren’t about to back off to help Californians with their water problem. They are concerned with their bottom-line, not if little Susie can get a drink of water from her home faucet… that’s where Nestle comes in. They will be more than happy to sell their over-priced bottled water, to a thirsty state.

Will the endless debates over climate change continue? Will we continue to complain to our neighbors and social media about the skyrocketing price of food (it takes a lot of water to grow food and raise cattle) instead of taking a look at how we collectively, contributed to this mess?

If you think its warm outside now, just wait until summer…

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