Anti-Transgender Student Referendum Petition Looks Likely to FAIL for 2014!

Truman Dinner - Clapping for Cassidy Campbell

Marina H.S. Homecoming Queen Cassidy Campbell and her supporters have reason to applaud, as the “Prop 8”-style referendum intended to freeze and then repeal AB 1266 seems likely to go down in flames.

From yesterday’s edition of Scott Lay’s Around the Capitol:

As the referendum against AB 1266 proceeds to random sample, proponents would need 92.1% validity to qualify the measure for the November 2014 ballot, which is very unlikely. Those counties that submitted a full validation (small counties) had 72.49% validity.

That link is to a letter from the Secretary of State to the proponent of the petition effort for a referendum to overturn the transgender student rights bill, which would be expected to grant rights to a tiny number of students statewide who have verifiable and lasting gender identity mismatch issues.  The second page showed that the petitions have a whole lot of bad signatures — enough to make ballot qualification unlikely.

Many people have been talking about how this referendum would get “conservative values” voters out to the polls in enormous numbers, endangering incumbents including Sharon Quirk-Silva.  If that prospect was boosting her opponents’ chances before yesterday, then this new development pushes them back down.

No we’re looking not only at “No Prop H8” — but at no repeat of Prop H8 next year!

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