Duane Roberts, Anaheim’s Hellraising Gadfly

The Fullerton Rag

The OC Weekly has named Anaheim blogger and longtime activist Duane Roberts as Best Gadfly of 2013. Gabriel San Ramon writes that Duane “knows the streets, knows how to pull public records, and knows how to raise holy hell without becoming a hypocrite.” To paraphrase Corinthians, but the greatest of these is not being a hypocrite. Duane’s sometimes (ok, most of the time) bombastic presence is a joy to see unleashed on the corrupt of this world, who might see him coming, but can prepare no defense against his rollicking righteousness. His opponents in the 2012 race for Anaheim City Council forums were taken apart like the stick dolls they were, and still are, for their specious double talk and ignorance of critical issues facing the city’s residents.

This year his new blog, the Anaheim Investigator effectively sidelined the venerable OC Human Relations Commission from having any further public part in what passed for discussions of police oversight in both Fullerton and Anaheim by revealing OCHR’s collusion with APD in the aftermath of public unrest following killings by APD officers. His blog posts are lamentably few and far between, but exhaustively researched, and accompanied by pdfs of supporting documents–we wonder why major news sites don’t do this in the internet age. Fear not, I hear that the Anaheim Investigator may see more activity soon…

Congratulations to you Duane, for remaining the uncompromising gadfly and excellent investigative journalist you are, and heaven help the hypocrites in your path.

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