What You (May Have) Missed This Weekend — and May Miss THIS MORNING!


We’re stretching a little beyond the weekend to fit in the Neverending Anaheim story.


“Special” Anaheim City Council meeting at 8 a.m., designed to take away the power Mayor Tom Tait — a skeptical minority of one on the Pringle-compliance Council — to put items on the agenda unless someone else agrees with him (which isn’t likely to happen for anything that may involve corruption.)  If you’re reading this before 9 a.m., my bet is that it won’t yet be over!


Longtime local blogger Gericault makes his debut on the Juice with a very well-received story about the reckless and foolish development of Fairview Park — which just happens to be possibly one of the major historical sites for pre-Colombian Souther California.  Steve Mensinger wants it to house sports complexes, though, and may be about to learn a harsh lesson in violating federal law regarding protecting such sites.

Occasional blogger from the far north Sgt. York twists the knife in Dave Gilliard’s back after the latter’s candidate Steve Baric drops out of the AD-73 race.  It is hard to blame him for his glee.

Our indomitable Inge takes aim at climate change deniers and racks them up but good.

Yours truly tosses off a trifle showing a news poll with a sort of surprising result regarding who’s likely to face blame for the looming government shutdown.

And last but not least: I ended up adding to what has inadvertently become a five-part series on last Tuesday’s Anaheim City Council meeting, in which the Angels Baseball negotiation story has been reaching new heights of absurdity.  If you’re not doing anything else this morning, get as far as you can before it’s over, because it’s about to become a six- or seven- or eight- or twelve-part series!  Read it while you can still imagine finishing it!  IT’S GROWING!


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