The NCAA Rulebook brought to you by Felix the Cat!

Back in the late 50’s, way before NAFTA – we had braceros.  Ceaser Chavez was just a loud mouth itinerant farm worker and every time he spoke they farmers that employed him – fired him.  Then they would fumigate the quonset huts with the other loud mouth farm workers that wanted cleaner conditions, better food and in some case either more pay for overtime hours or less work to include a possible day off.  In those days, they fumigated with DDT.  When the Government said that DDT was seeming to cause cancers – they switched to Methyl Ethel Bromide which had the proclivity of sticking to drapes, furniture, bedding and other stuff and caused immediate cancer and birth defects within 365 days of application.  Those loud mouth farm workers had to soon be replaced with a seemingly never ending supply from the hills and valleys of Mexico.  These applications of fumigants have now been restricted to other Volitile Organic Compounds…like Vikane which you can find under almost any tented fumigated home or building.   What are the effects of Vikane?  Still to be determined after over 60 years of application.  In those days… sports was still a game and nobody made a lot of money on any of it.

Fast forward to the National Collegiate Athletic Association.  This is the governing body of one of America’s biggest industries – College and University Athletics.  Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track and every else down to Tiddily Winks if performed at the college level.  Undoubtedly, you have heard various news reports about “sanctions” put on by the NCAA regarding college athletes and coaches and administrators – including Athletic Directors.  The Jerry Sandusky ordeal which spanned more than a decade and affected the very top of the heap;  Penn State, Coach and AD and icon for over 50 years – Joe Paterno were nailed to the wall.  The Penn State president and several others are still awaiting trials.  The NCAA – had virtually NOTHING to do with criminal charges against Penn State, Jerry Sandusky or any of the Coaches and Administrators that knew about what Sandusky was doing….but didn’t do anything to stop it.

Fast forward to “Pretender to the Throne”  Urban Meyer, Coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes.  Ohio State picked up Meyer after he was slapped on the wrist for a variety of wrong doing at his prior Coaching assignment:  University of Florida Gators, in Gainsville.  Meyer had an epidemic of his players being arrested for everything from armed robbery to trading signed memorabilia for tattoos.  Expensive tattoos…mind you.  The program was so dirty that Meyer was sanctioned for two years……one applying at his new $7 million dollar contract assignment with the Buckeyes of Ohio State.  Meyer went to Ohio State last year and had an undefeated season, but was restricted from the Bowl Championship Series (BCS)…because of his involvement with those players at the University of Florida.  Again, it was law enforcement that forced the NCAA to respond with sanctions on players….some banned for life….and for the restrictions on Meyer for the 2012 football season.   Urban Meyer is the odds on favorite to take the Ohio State Buckeyes to the BCS Title game…..perhaps against Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide.  The money involved is mega-millions for each school and billions for the entire football programs affected by the NCAA.

As everyone knows – Penn State didn’t even get the NCAA “Death Penalty” which had been handed out to programs at Southern Methodist University back in the 1950’s and other schools…..the cabal at the NCAA “doesn’t like much”.  But then there was the case of the USC Trojans, three National Championships removed,five years of scholarship sanctions, all of Reggie Bush records removed and he had to give back his Heisman Trophy.  Pete Carroll, arguably the greatest coach in USC History had 30 wins erased from the record books.  So, what hienous crime did USC commit?  Reggis Bush was seen riding in a Golf Cart with a prospective Sport Agent.  His mom & dad who were almost indigent were given a house to live in as long as Reggie was in school.

Johnny FootballThe questions are twofold:  (1)  Where is the NCAA Rulebook?  Who has a copy and is it available for anyone to read? (2) Who are they and what are their names; the members of the Rules Committee of the NCAA?  The truth of the matter of course is that this is a good ole’ boy network.  They all sit in hardware store around a pot belly stove and decide who will be the next Collegiate National Champion today…..before the games are even played.  These people are run by big money, corrupt gambling interests and politicians that lobby for wins.  Oklahoma, Texas, Florida just for starters.  The West Coast Teams are persona non grata in the NCAA.  The members of the South East Conference are considered golden.  Anyone else better start begging and sending huge checks to appropriate folks at the NCAA.  The Federal Government needs a complete and full investigation into the NCAA.

For those that remember:  Felix the Cat was a pornographic comic book that could be purchased in Tiajuana during the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Maybe they still have it.  Horny Felix spend endless time running around not doing too much until he finds a target.  The NCAA does exactly the same thing.  Do they test for Performing Enhancement Drugs?  NO!  Do they investigate relationships between players and illegal gambling operations?  NO!  Do they make every effort to be sure that college athletes are not intentionally injured?  NO!  Do they chastise, sanction and ban certain Colleges for purely criminal behavior?  NO!  Do they help offer part of those billions back to student athletes that suffer from long term traumatic leg, shoulder, back,  brain injuries and concussions?  NO!

So, the question is this:  What does the NCAA do?  Where is their rule book?  Who are the members of the Rules Committee with the power to implement sanctions, bans and serious fines on players and colleges for bad behavior?  This story has gotten out of hand.  We implore Brant Gumbel or Real Sports to step up and help us all answer these questions.  We implore Congress to step and Investigate the NCAA for wrong doing, RICO associations and find out why they do not protect America’s athletes.

Could it be time to simply – do away with the NCAA and have colleges make their own deal with Media Moguls, Television, Cable and Satillite operations?

It probably can’t be much harder than sitting around a pot belly stove in some far away hardward store.   Filling that smoke filled room with cash from the folks that have arranged a time to drop off those bags  – for each of them!

The NCAA Rulebook..brought to you by Felix the Cat!  It can’t get much better than that – or can it!  Listen!  Can you hear that Government Oversight coming?  They say that those with the gold….make the rules.  OK NCAA….let’s see that Rule Book….right now!

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