Democracy gets blue balls, as Judge Franz Miller grants Anaheim another three weeks – UPDATED!


This is all we know so far:  Judge Miller granted a three-week stay, for the anti-democracy forces of Anaheim to try to prove that their Santa Ana dog food-style faux districting plan will satisfy the California Voting Rights Act.

Why did he grant that stay?  Will the next hearing be open to the public, as this one turned out to be despite previous announcements?  How much did each side get to say?  I’ll fill this post in as I learn more over the day!


Just spoke to the ACLU counsel.  The Judge apparently spaced out about having today’s hearing in chambers, and held it in open court after all.  The next hearing, three weeks from now, will definitely be in open court.  Today’s only lasted 20-30 minutes.

Judge Miller granted an extra three weeks in order to “allow the City to finalize its change in candidacy requirements.”  What we know as Santa Ana-style faux districts.  The plaintiffs insisted that this reform was NO reform at all, as it would lead to no better representation for Latinos (or anyone else.)  The City said pshaw to that, and that their model was justified by an “EXPERT REPORT.”

LOL, “expert report.”  That WOULD refer to the notorious Demographer’s Report which my Juice-Brother Diamond has been demolishing all week.  I asked the counsel and yes, he doesn’t miss a word on this blog, especially Greg’s latest work, and their thinking and arguments will be quite similar.  So this is good.

We have a fairly good opinion of Judge Miller, who last made the news putting the kibbosh on the Costa Mesa Righeimer council’s attempt to slip their anti-worker charter onto the June special election ballot despite missing the deadline.  (Result, the charter vote had to wait for the high-turnout November election, where it was resoundingly defeated.)

The next hearing will be July 30, 9AM, Ronald Reagan Building, Dept 15 on the 5th floor, and YOU ARE ALL WELCOME THIS TIME!  You know I’ll be there….

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