It’s Time to Come Out and Publicly Stand Up for Abortion Rights

This week  Governor Jack Dairymple signed legislation that gives North Dakota the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. The law states  a woman can get a legal abortion up until a fetus is considered viable, usually at around 22 to 24 weeks.  Last Thursday, Krystal Ball , a  member of  The Cycle on MSNBC gave a commentary about Abortion Rights.  Ball is pro-choice and went on to say that 30% of women under the age of 40 have or will have an abortion, but because these women are afraid of the stigma if they are found out, they do not come forward to admit they had one. If we want to ensure women have the right to a legal, safe abortion in the future then those women who have already done so should speak up. I think she is absolutely right!

So I decided since I already don’t care what people think about me and abortion rights is a hot button issue for me,  then I am willing to stand up and say I had an abortion. I will add that I never had and still do not  have any  regrets about my decision. It was one of the wisest, responsible decisions I made in my adult life.

Why did I have an abortion? That is none of your business. It doesn’t matter why and I don’t have to justify my decision to anyone.  If at the time abortions were not legal, I would have found a way to end the pregnancy. You can bet if a women in North Dakota or any other state finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy and can’t find a fairly close abortion clinic, she will find a way to fix her problem. The difference is, will she die from going to someone unqualified to perform abortions, or resort to a coat hanger? I also believe women have the right to have an abortion, no matter what the reason and that includes the right to choose if she has a girl or a boy. I know some women’s groups get all upset over women aborting  girl fetuses because in some cultures, they prefer males. In my opinion those women’s groups are part of a bigger mission  — the ones who want all abortions banned. They just hide behind the  it’s discriminating against girl babies  mantra. I say MYOB! There are plenty of other causes that they can latch on to that involve discriminating against women.

Bombshell! Fetuses are not babies! If they were then pregnant moms can claim them as dependents on their income tax. For those who have religious beliefs about abortions, I suggest they follow their teachings and leave the rest of us alone. These are the same people who claim to be pro-life and at the same time demand they have the right bear arms. Another myth is — abortion is used as birth control. Hello! Have you checked in to how much abortions cost? They usually range from $350 to $1,000 — compare that to birth control pills (pro-lifers are opposed to that too) which are $15 to $40 a month.

Having an abortion is not something to be ashamed about and do not let ANYONE bully you into giving birth for any reason. Remember it’s YOUR body and YOUR right to decide what’s right for YOU!








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