We wanna be Right Wing Republican loonie birds!

As they used to say: ” The world gets curiouser and curiouser..”  We figured after the election and some semblance of quiet would prevail.  We thought that maybe a few things would get done to help the American people.  We are now fully prepared to go back and watch old Bob Dornan and Jim Traficant –  One Minute Congressional Statements on C-Span to get some genuine information.   We are also fully prepared to watch old Dan Rostonkowski colloquy conversations regarding his use of the Congressional Post Office to steal money for his grandkids birthday presents.  Hey, we are ready to hear Barney Frank go nuts and challenge accusations when his boyfriend was outed for prostitution in Washington, D. C.  There are so many Congressional fun moments to watch.  Anthony Weiner, talking about his photos on Facebook or the  too many Republican and Democratic Senators mentioning  having their troubles with sex or Bridges to Nowhere.  But things seem to be getting a bit out of hand.

The Republican Party seems to be coming apart at the seams.  Senator Lindsay Graham and Senator John McCain have gone absolutely ballistic.  The President has a Press Conference and these guys want to have a “Duel at Dawn”.  Guess they can’t stand being out of the limelight…even for a second.   Never in our lifetime have we heard the President being called such names, such disrespect – without the facts or photos to back it up.  Even Nixon…..the comments where couched in attacks on his underlings.  Clinton, was attacked strictly on a Peccadilloes base.  Attacking the President’s UN Ambassador about Benghazi….was like blaming Paul Revere or Johnny Tremain for the Revolution.  These guys need to check with their current health professionals….we are certainly worried….they might just explode without having to light their own fuse.

The Republicans think they can change history….like they did back in the 60’s.  They think a lot of things that don’t apply much anymore.  They need to go back to their roots.  They need outreach to the minorities in this country.  They need outreach to the Conservative Democrats in this country.  They need to shut up a lot more than they are doing.  They need to lay low for a few months…until the people forget how stupid they look, sound and act.  Time to take a break folks.

Yes, we know that your Right Wing Talk Show money is drying up.  Yes we know that you tired of hanging around the same rich, boring guys telling you what to do.  Yes we know………how frustrating it must be to be “out of power”.  After all, aren’t you and Mitt Romney just the same guy….dressed in different clothes?  It is all pretty transparent…. “making mountains of a mole hills” is a cottage industry – that can be played by either party….but oh you Right Wing Loonie Birds..seem to be doing it best – right now!

Where is Bill O’Reilly calling in a “Fair and Balanced” way for:  “The Left Wing Loons” and “The Right Wing Loons!”, which they are; to finally get in touch with the needs of the folks?

The items in the Right Wing Loon In-Box:












We wanna be a right wing Republican loonie birds!  It sounds like so much fun!  DOESN’T IT?  We already have Angry Birds on our Android phone!

If Graham and McCain are the best that the Republican have……..the whole group better retire!  Come on Lindsay…South Carolina is never going to be Alabama and John…..Arizona is never going to beat Oregon!  Just realize your own limitations.  We think Dirty Harry said that first……






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