Moving into 2013: NEW Santa Ana USD Thread!


Oh, look at the calendar!   A new school year’s been going on for three months, and the SAUSD board has a new member – Ceci Iglesias taking the place of new SA Councilman Roman Reyna – it’s high time for a new installment of our celebrated Santa Ana Unified School District Thread.  Wouldn’t you agree?

This is the place, as it has been for eight years or so, for faculty and staff of the district to come and safely discuss – anonymously if necessary – the issues facing them in their schools.

Will things be much different with anti-union social conservative Iglesias on the board?  Will she cause a lot of trouble, or will she be a sidelined minority voice?  Or do you think her impact will be positive?

Looking at the last few controversies discussed on our previous thread, we see:

  • Willard trying to bring back an “Indian head”
  • New ID badges for going into the district offices, and new parking passes needed too
  • a new Certificated Learning and Achievement Specialist position
  • a threatened spring 2012 trimming of 131 teaching jobs – did that happen?

So, are those things still going on?  Or are there new mishegas and desmadres?

And is the Orange Juice Blog still blocked on SAUSD computers?

Jump in, Santa Ana educators!

For your curiosity and reference, all our previous threads:

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