2012 Election Day Live-Blog 3: California Initiatives Watch!


Results coming in late tonight, or in some cases in the next few days, will tell us a lot of what California life will be like in the coming years.

Will we be able to look at the food we buy and see if it’s got Genetically Modified Organisms or not?  Stay tuned for the results on Prop 37.

Will schools and other public services have to brace for even more severe cuts?  Let’s see what happens with Prop 30.  Scott Lay thinks that one in particular won’t be known;  as he wrote in his “Nooner” newsletter this morning:

It’s likely that 20% or more of ballots (2.5 million) won’t be counted tonight, as absentees received in the mail or at the polls today must be verified before counted. We likely won’t know the results of Prop. 30 tonight, along with perhaps a dozen or more legislative and congressional races.

But maybe we’ll find out if we’re a state that will abolish capital punishment?  Let’s see the results for Prop 34.

Or have we finally reformed the cruel and wasteful Three Strikes law?  Hey, now that you’ve all voted I can tell you a secret – this was the brainchild of evil liberal financier George Soros.  Let’s see if enough of us voted yes on Prop 36.

Those are the main ones I’m looking at, but I’ll let you know how all 11 of them are going.  Keep your eyse on this space!  Or check again in the morning…


As of right now, 10:30 PM, only 24% of California precincts are reporting, so I think – I’m not an expert on this kind of stuff – that I will only report on measures that are winning or losing by 10% or more.

And I am willing to call THREE STRIKES REFORM, Prop 36, the Soros Measure, as a big YES!  Hurray.

Sadly, the GMO LABELING measure, Prop 37, which we have fought so hard for, looks like it will LOSE.  We’re not going to give up on this.  And we’ll keep reporting, especially Inge will I”m sure, about how we’re going to eventually make this happen.

Also, it’s not looking good for DEATH PENALTY REPEAL – Prop 34 – which is over 10% behind at this point.

Let’s quickly get these irritants behind us:  Prop 31, some dumb amendment, losing.  The 80%+ of Californians who didn’t have a chance to read Diamond’s great piece gave an overwhelming thumbs up to Prop 35, which will have to be overturned legally.  The final three are going the way they should:  Molly Munger’s 38 failing big time, and 39 & 40 passing.

Mercury Insurance’s Prop 33 LOOKS like it might lose, thankfully… but HOW MANY MORE TIMES MUST WE REJECT IT?  I’ll let you know if it surges back.

The two most important ones that are too close to call are:  Prop 30 that’s two points behind (and we hope wins)  and Prop 32 that’s four points behind (and we hope loses.

Will check back in a half hour.


Damn near midnite, with half of Cali’s precincts reporting, I’m getting a lot happier with the three remaining initiatives:

30 is up by 2%;  32 is DOWN by over 9%, and 33 is down by nearly 8%.  Fuck you, Mercury Insurance.  Give up this time.

I suppose we still have to think of the vital Prop 30 as “too close to call.”  But we HAVE defeated a hell of a lot of big money and lies today, especially with 32.  That’s worth at least as much celebration as Obama’s re-election.  I wish I was at a freakin party, instead of stuck to my laptop at home.

I’m ready to call victory for Prop 30!

At 12:40 AM, with two-thirds of precincts reporting, it’s five and a half percent ahead, so I believe we can say it has won.  This is great news.  Meanwhile, the Courage Campaign is ready to beat their chests over the defeat of 32:

“Today, the powerful special interests, fueled by largely unregulated and undisclosed out-of-state money, were beaten by a powerful and effective alliance of working men and women—organized labor, community groups and average people who care about our future.

“With the defeat of Prop 32, the voices of millions of working Californians are protected.  The efforts by the Koch Brothers, the Tea Party and Karl Rove, and shadowy out-of-state Super PACs to force their far-right wing agenda on our state were soundly defeated. This is a tremendous victory for all Californians and a powerful reminder that the citizens of California won’t be bought and paid for by a few wealthy billionaires.”


This has overall been a HUGE defeat for BIG MONEY today … from the defeat of Romney to the defeat of Prop 32 to the defeat of Chevron’s $1.5 million they spent in Fullerton ... damn, I can’t sleep.

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