Mitt, Ann and Sandy!

All the talk in this election has been about the 1% and the 99% and the worthless 47% and the limited 30%.  Then came Sandy.  Whatever happened on 9-11 is now starting to look like “child’s play” when it comes to the divestation created by Hurricane Sandy.  $50 Billion dollars are the approximate cost of waking up on October 30th and relating to the total of damage in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and 12 other States.

The Mitt Romney response:  Out take from Congressional Quarterly Newsletter today:

Storm Center: “Disaster coordination is one of the most vital functions of ‘big government,’ which is why Mitt Romney wants to eliminate it,” New York Times Hurricane Sandy post-mortem inveighs, citing Ryan Grim’s Huffington Post reminder of his primary debate endorsement of handing FEMA’s role off to the states — while Politico’s Andrew Restuccia hears the Romney campaign eschewing any intention to gut FEMA. “Let’s leave aside the unseemliness of politicizing a disaster and focus on the merits–the Times confuses two distinct issues: response coordination and actual emergency response,” Paul Rosenzweig retorts for Lawfare. If nothing else, Michael S. Schmidt and Eric Lipton thumb-suck in, again, the Times, Sandy gives FEMA a shot at Katrina redemption — as USA Today’s Catalina Camia hears New Jersey’s GOP Gov. Chris Christie praising FEMA’s Craig Fugate (not to mention President Obama).

Meanwhile, President Obama is getting “rave reviews” from Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey.  The President showed up today and has been doing a great job of helping the various States involved.  Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is carrying water bottles to put on a truck to send to the various locations.  Hey Mitt, you are well known for giving alot to charities –  How much are you going to give now?  Where are your list of deep pocket, fat wallet Republican donors that have created an instant Foundation to send money and help to those who have lost everything?  Koch Brothers?  Karl Rove?  Shaun Hannity?  Bill O’Reilly?  Rush Limbaugh?  Donald Trump?   How much are they sending?  Mitt, and by the way – Where is Ann?  Baking cookies on some morning show?  Where is that “go to Ann” – wearing galoshes and helping folks find their lost pets in the flooded areas?

How about our buddy Darrell Issa….the richest man in Congress?  Darrell, ya think you can stop talking to your staffers and Administration Officials long enough to send a check and get your rich buddies in Congress to do the same?  That is between wondering about “one death of a Border Patrol Agent” two years ago and trying to drum up more propaganda on the Benghazi issue.  Paul Ryan, where is your fat check?  Come on guys, you are representing that glorious 1% who are going to trickle down jobs to the little people – isn’t that right?

The City of New York may be dysfunctional for months.  The flooded Subway System needs to be pumped out and then re-flooded with “Fresh Water” to push the last remnants of Salt Water out – so that every thing will not rust forever!  What about those hundreds of Yellow Cabs….that are now ruined forever….with Salt Water damage that can never be repaired?  What about the hundreds of beautiful homes that burned to the ground?  The concept of Mitt and Ann and Sandy….starts to put everything into perspective.  The boy can talk the talk – but doesn’t walk the walk.  Mitt, where is your $10 Million dollars down payment to help those affected……5.9 Million still without electricity or water!  Better call your Blind Broker and ask him to prune some of  your expendable cash from those Cayman banks?  Finally, we might understand that just calling people names may not be working so well for Mitt – in these last days before the vote? 

Maybe, Mitt will actually have to do something!  Obviously Mitt you are not a very good “Community Organizer”  If fact, if you look at Mayor Bloomberg, you aren’t even a pimple on a good CEO’s backside!

Mitt, Ann and Sandy!  What a great Menage a’  Trois!  Can’t beat that with a stick…can you?





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