Joe Biden—1; Lyin’ Ryan—0

No more “Mr. Nice Guy”!  Last week, President Barack Obama disappointed many of us by going out of his way to be a “nice guy”, and thus letting pathological liar Mitt Romney get away with his colossal falsehoods and brazen deceit  during the first Presidential debate.

Such was not the case during the Vice-Presidential debate last night.  Joe Biden took off the gloves and exposed Romney and Lyin’ Paul Ryan for all to see—Romney’s and Ryan’s utter contempt for the middle class; their disdain for women’s rights; their insistence on massive tax breaks for the very rich; their plan to gut Social Security and Medicare.

Those who watched the debate also owe a debt of gratitude to the moderator, Martha Raddatz, who kept the debate on track, unlike last week’s incompetent debate moderator, Jim Lehrer, who allowed himself to be bullied and steamrolled by Romney.  To Ms. Raddatz’ credit, she attempted to pin the debaters down on specifics, which Ryan, of course, evaded for obvious reasons.

So congratulations, Joe, for telling it like it is, and for exposing Romney and Ryan for what they really are.  Let us hope that President Obama follows Biden’s  lead in next week’s debate.

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not an Echo”

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