Non-Partisan Religiosity!


There is a famous quote about: “Religion killing more people than any other disaster!”  The Mormons killed a bunch of folks during their “Mountain Meadows Massacre” in the 1850’s.  The Knights Templar fought the Saracens during the Crusades killing hundreds of thousands.  John Brown accelerated the beginning of the Great American Civil War, The Spanish Inquisition was responsible for more Urban Renewal, Death, Torture and Acquistions of Propertyin the name of the Church of Rome than any single action in history.

In the name of Religion many atrocities have occurred including the Armenian Ethnic Cleansing in Turkey at the turn of the 20th Century.  911 occurred in the “Name of Allah”.  The Egyptian Pharaoh  cast out the Israelites out of the Holy Land.  Jesus Crist was put onto a cross all in the name of Judaism and that famous schism.  The persecution of Jews penultimate issue came upon during World War II and their incarceration and killing at the hands of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime that called again for Urban Renewal and distopia of the Jews.

Today, American Embassys throughout the Middle East are being attacked, in the name of Allah.  Whether this has been perpetuated by way of humorless cartoons, bad movies, drone attacks on Al-Qaeda leadership or just because the United States of America is messing with their neighborhoods – the results are the same:  Death and Destruction.

As we sit in the safety of our homes, wondering how in the world all these events are taking place – we need to ask just one question:  “Is God on our side?”

There is nothing going on in this world regarding issues of ethnic cleansing – say in North and South Sudan, Rwanda, Tibet or hundreds of other locations around the world that simply must be considered pure terror and pure atrocity.  Burning down our American Embassy and killing the Ambassador and three others in Libya tells us that there are still many bad guys out there which intend to do harm to the United States.  Our reaction will be much more important to these and other events than what has already occurred.

In the 1900’s Teddy Roosevelt protected Americans with his “Gunboat Diplomacy”.  This action was greeted by having other countries develop their own brand of “Gunboat Diplomacy”.  55 Days in Peking was an International incident that certainly epitomized the growing Imperialism of the times.  Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and the Dutch were especially active.   Soon, many countries became so-called “Protectorates” of the so-called World Powers.  Our American war with Spain, “The Spanish-American War” of the New York Times and William Randolph Hearst: “Remember the Main”, San Juan Hill and Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders netted the United States:  The Philippines and total access to Cuba for the next 50 years.  The United States was able to get Sugar from Cuba,  Oil and Rubber from the Philippines.

Today, one thing is clear:  We cannot have our Embassy’s around the world attacked by anyone without considerable reprisals!  Either the Governments that host our Embassy’s will protect and defend our property and personnel – or the Government of the United States will.  No folks, we are NOT leaving.  No folks we are NOT moving out of the neighborhood.  However, the message must be clear and direct:  We are not there to take over your country, but we certainly are there to create a Global Dialogue and Diplomacy with the various countries involved.

Selling America and its ideals, its products, its technology, its desire to do missionary work for the Global Industrial Complex is a tough job.  But things have changed a great deal since the turn of the 20th Century.  It is now the 21st Century and the world is connected, in spite of what any Religion or Church, Politial Party or even Country might think.  It is all too late:  The Genie is out of the bottle.  Pandora’s Box has been opened.  Everyone knows every thing, especially if you have an I-Phone or an Android Phone.

The President of the United States is doing the right thing, by deploying our resources, our defense forces and our technology strictly for the purpose of defending our Embassy’s at risk.  Ready deployment is what we do.  Those that attack our facilities will pay the price.  There is no going back.  There never really was an option – once 911 occurred.  In the words of the Eagles in Hotel California:  “You can ask to go – but you can never leave!”  America will not be cast out of any country on the globe – unless we determine that a leadership change at the top of that government is necessary.  Then we will go…..but just temporarily.    In the words of the Terminator:  “We’ll be baacckkk!”

Just remember – this is not personal – this is simply business and most certainly an excellent example of Non Partisan Religiousity – at its best.

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