“Innocence of Muslims” – Where is The Fatwa?


Are we just stupid Americans?  Hey, some guy in Encino (OK San Diego County) makes a porn flick…..and the Muslims blame our entire country?  This is pretty odd if you think on it.  Remember Salman Rushdie?  They still have Fatwa out on him.  Luckily, he lives in England – in a witness protection program.  How many years have they been trying to track him down?  Then came the famous “Burning Koran Preacher” on the East Coast.  What happened there?  The Muslim Mullahs from their Ulama  group of Scholars immediately came out with a Fatwa (Muslim Legal Opinion)….to do bad things to that small time church!

We just have to get the rules straight!  How come some great Muslim Organization or Iman hasn’t come out with the exact reason why they can go crazy in 14 countries and try to kill American Embassy folks and burn down our property?  Where is Mitt Romney on this issue?  Does he have an opinion?  The Muslim Brotherhood and 27 other various Muslim Organizations around the world are entirely entitled to do whatever they want.  Hey, it’s a free world – after all.  People can do whatever they want, as long as they realize there will be a few probable consequences.  Not everyone can get along, we grasp that.  What we do not grasp is how the rules can change without any notice.   It sort of like having your long distance phone company not allow you any phone calls over 100 miles from your home –  one day and without telling you about it.

The Fatwa has always been the method by which Muslims around the world have made their voices heard clearly.  What has changed?  How come their isn’t a Fatwa about this guy in San Diego?  If someone made a Fatwa against the whole country of the United States and every non-majority Muslim country in the world….we need to see that and we need to know who wrote it.

At any rate, the least all these nasty groups of Anti-Americans can do……is issue a Fatwa….so we know what they are really protesting!

“Innocense of Muslims” – Where is The Fatwa?




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