Mr. Vice President… for duty!


Paul Ryan, Congressman from Wisconsin has been chosen by Mitt Romney as his Vice-Presidential Candidate offering for the 2012 Election.  Mitt had plenty of choices to choose from.  Mitt could have asked fellow Mormon Harry Reid (although he is a Democrat) or even the mad hatter Michelle Bachmann herself, but no Mitt went with the cheese eater himself – Paul Ryan.  Now don’t get us wrong – Paul is the optimum All-American boy.  He lost his mom early in his life, had no “silver spoon” to ease his way into a fortuitous future – unlike his well heeled running mate, Mitt Romney.  Paul did it the hard way – through politics.

As one of the bright young stars of the Republican party Paul was tabbed early to deal with the pesky Budget.  When tough times came – Paul voted for TARP.  Hardly a method to find or  save Trillions and Trillions and Trillions dollars – the Republican way.   Cut social programs, limit those testy taxes for the rich, make sure that the military budget and Agricultural subsidies and pump Ethanol supports stay in place and make sure that Democrats get no credit – EVER!  Paul seems to be the perfect running mate for Mitt.  Mitt can put his assigned “Pit Bull” out front and Mitt can lay back and be Mr. Nice Guy!  How will Paul deal with RomneyCare?  How will he deal with the constant Mitt flip flopping – which we are sure will not stop any time soon?

The following is a list of some pretty impressive folks who have run for Vice President:

As everyone can tell – this is just a partial list of  past Vice Presidential hopefuls.

Estes Kefauver, John Sparkman, Ed Muskie, Sargent Shriver, Walter Mondale, Geraldine Ferrraro, Llyod Bentsen, Joe Lieberman, John Edwards
Earl Warren, Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., William Miller, Bob Dole, Dan Quayle, Jack Kemp,  Sarah Palin and Frank Knox, Charles McNary &  John Bricker
As you might recognize – all these folks lost in the General Election!
There is also a long list of folks that almost made to through the VP selection process, but fell out at the last minute.  Conventional wisdom for many years was to seek a Vice Presidential Candidate that would reflect another major base constituency that was in fact nothing like that of the President, to draw in a broader and wider voter base.  When Ronald Reagan had to pick George H.W. Bush (Bush the Elder)…many in the Republican Party were rather concerned.  “Bush the Elder” was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderbergers and of course had been a CIA Director under a different Administration.   When Richard M. Nixon chose Spiro Agnew, this was to appease base social conservatives…even though Agnew came out of  the eastern establishment.  However, when Gerald Ford chose the super liberal Nelson Rockefeller from the ultra moderate “Earl Warren Wing of the Republican Party”…..truly it became a “kiss of death” for any Ford re-election chance.  Who was Jimmy Carter’s VP again?  Oh that’s right…Mondale!  Walt, even got elected with Jimmyu the first time….but what good did he ever do?
The point remains that Vice Presidential picks can certainly either help, harm. or make no difference to the ticket of choice.  President Obama was lucky enough to choose Joe Biden; with a great family, a history of service to the country and a great knowledge of foreign policy.  Biden has been a true net plus plus for the current Administration.  It will be very interesting to see how the Ryan pick will impact Romney’s run for office.  Mitt could have picked anyone – but he chose Paul Ryan.  Now, as Mitt Romney might say: “Let’s see how this pencil’s out!”
Mr. Vice President… for duty!  Biden or Ryan?  Let the debates begin!  This might be the highlight of the entire election.  It will be the old bull going against the young bull and it might just be more fun to watch than even……..Obama/Romney!


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