Chemerinsky on the Election’s “Most Vital Buried Issue” : the Supreme Court. Thursday talk, Laguna Woods.


From Juice friend Jonahtan Adler:

I wear 2 hats on this invitation:  Dem activist, and coordinator of UCI law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky’s terrific annual talks here hosted by Concerned Citizens.  Activists especially should hear this his 5th, titled “2012 Campaigns’ Most Vital Buried Issue: the Supreme Court,” this Thursday (the 30th), 1:45p, in CH 5.  Click here for an event flyer (with a gate-entry pass for non-LWV residents).  Click here for more event details at DfA-OC’s online Progressive Calendar.
Not just activists, I think, but all voters of all political stripes, should know at least a few details of that crucial issue, mentioned barely, if at all, by candidates for President and Senate. The next President will likely nominate, and the Senate confirm, a successor to one of the 4 moderates (and maybe also to Justices Kennedy, Scalia, or Thomas), and set the Court’s direction for a generation.
If Romney wins, the conservative wing will be a full majority, free to speed up and expand its activist agenda, without Kennedy’s mild restraint.  Roe v. Wade will be gone, states free to enact Ryan-Akin anti-abortion laws (egg-personhood, no rape or incest exception, no in-vitro fertilization, a lot of contraception and abortion coverage in health insurance banned, etc.). Voter suppression laws will be upheld;  most of the Voting Rights Act, campaign finance, disclosure, and publicly-financed (“Clean Money”) election laws, struck down. The consumer-vs.-corporation balance will tilt heavily to the latter on many issues. And other dire rulings.
If you never heard a Chemerinsky talk, trust me: Don’t miss it. If you have, you know why: Brilliance, yet clarity, and down-to-earth wit.  Please come, and forward this to invite friends in or outside LWV who should attend. ($3 donation asked for Concerned Citizens non-mbrs.)
Thanks for listening.
–Jonathan Adler

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“2012 Campaigns’ Most Vital Buried Issue: the Supreme Court” is the title of Erwin Chemerinsky’s 5th annual talk to Concerned Citizens, Thursday, August 30, 1:45 pm, in CH 5. UCI law school’s founding dean will leave lots of time for Q&A on the Court’s momentous last term, its term ahead, and more. Guests are welcome (a $3 donation requested).

A leading constitutional law scholar, teacher, litigator, and commentator, Dean Chemerinsky’s book last year for laymen was “The Conservative Assault on the Constitution.” He’ll update the Supreme Court’s recent trends, focusing on its major rulings last term and cases it agreed to hear in 2012-13.

Is the Court’s direction really vital to citizens’ lives? Is its conservative wing still moving right, in light of last term’s major cases – on healthcare, Arizona’s immigration law, “doubling-down” on Citizens United, restricting unions in raising political funds, etc.? Why are the Presidential and Senate candidates silent on the issue of Court appointments?

Those who heard any of Dean Chemerinsky’s four prior talks on the Supreme Court’s direction, rulings and impact on our lives know well why he draws Concerned Citizens’ largest, most appreciative audiences, by far: His talks combine brilliant analysis with simple clarity and down-to-earth wit. Anyone who’s been to a Chemerinsky talk likely will say, “Trust me: Don’t miss it.”


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