Tea Partiers, Occupiers, and other rebels get together at the Sounds of Truth Festival – Saturday in Irvine!

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Rebellious Truths — a group that you might not have heard of, but that if you’re a reader of our “political mosh pit” we think that you might want to get to know — is holding a big event this Saturday in Irvine.  Various people from Orange Juice Blog will be there to participate — and we hope that you’ll be there as well.  It sounds like almost nothing we’ve heard happen before (except, maybe, here on OJB itself.)

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Come for the truth, stay for the food and music!

The Sounds of Truth Festival will take place this Saturday, July 7th, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Mason Park in Irvine .  It will include music, food, and fun activities throughout the day — but also something different.

The idea of the Sounds of Truth Festival is to bring together people with widely different viewpoints — from Occupy, the Tea Party, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, etc. — and get them to talk.  Some prominent speakers will help to set the tone and the breadth of “rebellious” concerns — and then those who have signed up for them will move to discussion circles facilitated by some pretty famous thinkers.  And then … things will happen — it’s not clear what, but if the universe survived the discovery of the “God Particle” announced today, it will probably survive these interactions as well.

The idea is to entice people from different political viewpoints to the event not only to have fun, but to participate in the discussion circles.  Perhaps we will find issues in common and be able to build on those beliefs to come to a mutual understanding.  Perhaps the discussions will inspire people to question polemical labels and engage in nonviolent direct action against corrupt forces.  Perhaps not.  Worth a shot, though!

Rebellious Truths is an anti-partisan nonprofit dedicated to starting a movement for responsible revolution here in America, that includes bringing accountability and integrity into our political process. It was started by two guys named Christopher and Michael, who won’t give their last names because they believe that ideas and the movement are bigger than any one individual. They believe “Individuals can be marginalized or discredited, but their ideas can reign eternal. Rebellious Truths is a product of the people meant to serve the people, and part of staying true to that philosophy is by remaining as anonymous as we can in this very anti-anonymous world.”

Show up, huh?  You can pay nothing, chip in a bit to defray the costs, or donate $20 that will allow you to enjoy the same food and drink as the other participants — AND you get a free t-shirt!

The press release from Rebellious Truth about the Sounds of Truth festival follows:

Contact: Michael Maxsenti
Mobile: 714.745.9830
E-mail: m.maxsenti@rebelfortruth.org


REBELLIOUS TRUTHS PRESENTS SOUNDS OF TRUTH FESTIVAL:  A Visionary Experiment in Empathy, Good times and Understanding

Think it’s impossible that Occupiers, Tea Partiers, Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians could ever sit down together in a civil conversation? Rebellious Truths doesn’t. The nonprofit Rebellious Truths (www.rebellioustruths.org) is making modern history by hosting the very first “Sounds of Truth Festival” on Saturday, July 7th, 2012 at Mason Regional Park in Irvine, California from 10 AM to 5 PM.

This event will be part festival with music, art, dancing and food, and part visionary practice in empathy and unity. This practice, never before attempted, will consist of a series of dialogues between the supporters of Rebellious Truths and those who identify themselves as Independents, Occupy, Tea Party, Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats and all others who wish to attend.

The dialogues will be facilitated by the internationally recognized World In Conversation Project (http://www.worldinconversation.org/) that has facilitated dialogues for the United Nations, NATO, and Israel-Palestinian among other high-tension conflicts. Its founders Dr. Sam Richards (of TED Talk fame) and his wife Dr. Laurie Mulvey will be overseeing the conversations. Through a series of professionally facilitated dialogue groups (max 10 people per group), the polarized political and ideological groups can begin to understand one another and help put a human face on the superficial labels.

The Sounds of Truth Festival is about bringing together these divided bands of Americans who are willing to set aside their judgments and stereotypes in the hopes of contributing to the vision of a more truthful, humane, and just America. This event will demonstrate that these groups can have a civil conversation and spend one day together trying to understand their fellow Americans. If they can, then so can the rest of our nation.

Since its launching in September 2011, Rebellious Truths (http://www.rebellioustruths.org/videos/) videos have collectively garnered over two million views and a strong social media presence of 35,000 Facebook friends, and partnered with many respectable and diverse organizations from across the nation.

Join us on the journey Saturday, July 7th, 2012 at Mason Regional Park in Irvine, CA 92612.
Check in begins at 9:45 AM for those in the dialogue groups. Activities begin at 10:00 AM and go until 5 PM. Music, food, dancing and art will continue throughout the day.

PHONE INFORMATION TO DialogueSoundsOfTruth@RebelForTruth.org


SEND REQUEST TO RsvpSoundsofTruth@RebelForTruth.org


Seriously, Orange County is lucky to host the first of what may be many of these festivals. Don’t you want to have been part of the first one ever? See you Saturday.

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