Newport Welcomes Romney! Scenes from Friday June 1.


Hats off (top hats off!) to the Orange Juice’s Mika Wallace, who was probably the main organizer of the Mitt Romney welcome wagon across the street from Newport’s Balboa Club Friday.    Lined up against the 50+ Occupiers dressed sardonically as pro-Romney billionaires, Move-On/DFA/PDA protestors, and anti-Romney Tea Partiers and Ron Paulites, there was one lone Newport businessman who came out to offer support to the Mormon ex-governor, accompanied by his darling twelve-year old daughter, who, we learn from the Times, had crafted his odd sign (“2012 Mitt Romney Respects the Constitution.”)  He wouldn’t talk to us when we asked, very politely, what the sign meant – did it imply that Obama disrespects the Constitution somehow?  But it was nice to see, in the true spirit of journalistic impartiality, that the one supporter got an equal amount of press attention as the fifty of us.

But on to the fun photos!  The Register caught the Seamus Wagon as it drove up and down PCH (in a vain search for a prominent place to park – the idea was, that your humble correspondent was gonna play Seamus with a dog mask – but NOT WHILE DRIVING!)

If they had got us from behind, this was how we looked:

We were glad to explain to a puzzled cop the famous story of how Romney had driven all the way to Canada with his terrified dog strapped to his roof.  Apparently not a David Letterman viewer, this cop.  “My God,” said the officer, “what kind of person would do that to their dog?”  “Yup,” we agreed.

Then there were BILLIONAIRES, sacrificing themselves by giving up the exclusive dinner to instead show their enthusiastic support on the mean streets of Newport:

Actually, the guy on the right IS a real-life Newport millionaire, who told Marty Wisckol, “Some of the (wealthiest) 1 percent truly believe that lower taxes create jobs, but we’ve had lower taxes for almost 10 years and it hasn’t worked… And it’s not a tax increase. It’s going back to the taxes we had before (George W.) Bush. When (Bill) Clinton raised taxes, the economy improved.”

“Billionairess” Inge sports a sign that we made to taunt Romney supporters over what we were sure would be their lack of enthusiasm for their candidate … back when we thought there would be more than one Romney supporter there.

Some tough patriotic cat, from MoveOn or Occupy…

Another cross-section of our 50+ protesters…

Two generations of Choctaw women hold 4 Vern signs…

You shall know the Progressive Democrats of America by their professional-looking banners.  That’s the ubiquitous Dr. Bill (emergency room physician) waving at you.

Our own dear OJ alumna Amber Stephens studiously takes notes for her new OC Weekly gig, in the shadow of Occupy OC’s Christian Larsen.

Our occasional allies from the Tea Party are not so happy with the Mittster either – although I wish their critique extended to his economic policies!

Occupy Santa Ana Billionairess Diva Davina Stein, with a Ron Paul supporter!

Tea Party and Occupiers mix – for neither the first time nor the last.


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