The Tran’s Formation is Complete: Michele Embraces Hispanophobe Van Tran.

Michele Martinez in Vietnamese Flag Suit

Well, look who just got a new outfit for the election! How very ... unexpected!

When I say that I didn’t believe that this would ever happen, I’m not playing some cheap political game.  I had a lot of respect for Michele Martinez before she joined the Santa Ana Borg after her Mayoral bid and enough residual respect to favor her over Tom Daly if they both made the runoff in AD-69.  But I never expected things to come to this.

As the OC Weekly reports this evening, Michele Martinez appeared on Vietnamese-language television for a fawning interview from none other than Van Tran.

She was hoping for Loretta Sanchez’s endorsement just a few months ago — and now she’s making smiley faces at Loretta’s Chief Character Assassin, the chief of the team that tried to suppress the Latino vote in previous elections.  The Head Trannie.  It’s stunning.

This is one of those signal moments that embeds itself deeply into the political memory of a community.  Even the chance to win in June was not worth the years for which she might be paying for this one.  Should she and Tom Daly somehow get past Julio — less likely now than ever — she’s actually given Daly a talking point that he can use to ingratiate himself with the Latino community: “well, at least I haven’t gone onto TV and made nice with Van Tran.”

In case Michele hasn’t yet figured it out, Loretta Sanchez — she with the longstanding good ties to the Vietnamese community — is going to be running in a district that largely overlaps AD-69.  She’ll be out campaigning.  If Julio makes the runoff, this just makes Loretta’s stake in his campaign that much stronger — because he hasn’t sucked up to Van Tran.  If Michele and Daly make the runoff, she will want Loretta to come to her aid — but that just got less likely because now she has sucked up to Van Tran.  That means that, for Latino voters who want the most Latino Assembly district in the state to be represented by a Latino, Michele just became a worse bet to keep it.

I don’t know who advised her to do this, but she should check to see whether whoever it is has been making cash contributions to Daly’s campaign.  Maybe she just thought that no one would find out.

Oh well — even if Michele decides that she’s pissed off the Latino community and that it won’t help her in June, she surely won’t get involved in some scheme to depress the Latino vote.

Surely not.  Right?

From the OJ archives, on the immigrant-bashing and homophobia of Mr. Tran

(articles both by editor Vern Nelson, and pre-Borg Pedroza.
Similar pieces by Sean Mill were deleted at his request last year.)

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