Kenlaysnotdead is dead. Long live Kenlaysnotdead.

Sadly, this came:

In the spirit of the season of new life:

Vern Nelson has accomplished what Dan Chmielewski, Matt “Jubal” Cunningham, Claudio “Edwin Marinez” Gallegos, Greg Diamond, Chris Prevatt, Art Pedroza, Gustavo Arrellano, Chip Hanlon and countless others have tried tried to do: Silence KENLAYSNOTDEAD.

In a simple sentence equating me to the Winships, I came to realize what has become of my existence in the blogosphere. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what I say (or any of us say in this pretend world), for the name Kenlaysnotdead conjures up a variety of emotions from disgust to fear and hopefully, amusement. But its run its course. In other words: My work here is done.

In a manner less dramatic than that of 29AD, kenlaysnotdead will disappear from the blogosphere FOREVER. Shortly thereafter, my digital remains cremated and stored, until such a time when they can be snuck into the kitchen at Memphis in Downtown Santa Ana and slipped into the batter of some fried Hors d’oeuvre to be served at Drinking Liberally.

That way some of you can get one last taste of me.

It’s been an interesting few years, certainly there is no lack of arrogance in this crowd. A little humility goes a long way. If we cross paths in real life, as some of you have. Consider closely what you say and how you say it. That is after all, how this whole thing started for me.

Fare you well! Enjoy the fried chicken!

PS – For what it’s worth, I am not Chris Leo, never even heard of him before this, but I do think DKMFAN started out as Sara Spinosa!

Thus passes one of the OC blogosphere’s more interesting, if sometimes indecipherable, drunken, bad-spelling, and Catholic commentators, and a tireless critic of both Matt “Jubal” Cunningham and the Liberal OC’s Dan Chmielewski.  We hardly knew thee!  And apparently half the comments made under his handle in recent months have been by others who hate him.  Dan and Claudio both say he’s attacked their families.  If so, shame!  Apologize!  Although I’ve never seen or approved those comments.

But now, who will write things like this?

I am disapointed that you are taking your impending demise so lightly,

A disease – known as huanglongbing (HLB) or citrus green – was discovered in a lemon tree in Hacienda Heights, according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).

Officials say HLB is a bacterial disease that attacks the vascular system of trees and doesn’t pose any danger to humans or animals. It can be transmitted from plant to plant by the Asian citrus psyllid, a flying insect.

I laugh, the OJB has long been infected by opinonated, once well meaning individuals, feircely (thats you VN) defensive editors, long winded bloggers and commenters who make people ask “Who the Fuck is that guy (sometimes in a not so favorable light)?

To be sure, there is NO CURE for HLB. eradication is the only answer.

– I have my own opinion on how this travesty happened, and I’ll note that Diamond hasn’t been around that long and Brea isn’t that far from Hacienda Heights.

But, before we go Med-Fly on everybody, maybe we look for the answer within ourselves. This also a parable related to “OAKSTERDAM”, where an adult male (obviously unbalanced) blew away seven classmates because he felt “BULLIED” , Meanwhile sixty six OPD, FBI and US Attorney cops were cleaning up an agriculture site in Oakland.

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