Hoodies Don’t Kill People—People Kill People

So self-appointed vigilante George Zimmerman was “suspicious” of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin because he was a black kid wearing a “hoodie”, who didn’t appear to “belong” in the neighborhood.  Well, it’s not unlawful (if not politically correct) to be “suspicious” of someone, but it’s NOT OK to accost someone because of those suspicions and take the law into one’s own hand, particularly when no actual crime has been committed.

If an altercation did occur, it is clear that it was initiated by Zimmerman, not Martin.  Further, Zimmerman lied about the extent of his injuries (if any) in order to justify his claim of self defense in fatally shooting Martin.

But I am not as troubled by the racial aspects of the shooting as I am by the failure of the Sanford (FL) police to arrest Zimmerman following the shooting.  Especially when we learned that Zimmerman’s daddy Robert was a retired Orange County judge (no, not the corrupt Orange County, CA, but rather the corrupt Orange County, FL)!

Further investigation reveals that George Zimmerman has THREE (3) PRIOR ARRESTS, one for domestic violence, one for resisting an officer (without violence), and one for resisting an officer WITH violence, a felony charge which could have landed Zimmerman in prison.  Mysteriously, all of these arrests were closed without being prosecuted!

Could the fact that Zimmerman’s daddy was a judge been a factor?  Duh!  Is there an incestuous relationship between law enforcement and the judiciary? Does anyone remember sexual predator Joran Van der Sloot who got away with murder in Aruba?  His daddy was a judge too!

It appears that Trayvon Martin’s only “crime” was wearing a “hoodie” and walking to his father’s residence.  Zimmerman needs to be arrested and tried for murder.  And if the Keystone Kops in Sanford FL won’t take action, then Attorney General Eric Holder needs to intervene.

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not an Echo”

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