Breaking – National Organization for Women (NOW) endorses Julio Pérez.

Martinez and Pérez. Photo Chris Prevatt.

In what surely must be a blow to the actual female candidate in the race, the National Organization for Women has endorsed the progressive candidate Julio Pérez for the 69th Assembly District (Santa Ana, Anaheim.)

Contrary to the insistence of Martinez backers, female voters actually care about issues that are important to them more than whether a candidate happens to share their gender.

Cue the grumbling that NOW is a bunch of abortionists, that they’re out-of-town Washington DC meddlers who know nothing about the needs of women in Santa Ana and Anaheim.   Nope.  They looked for a long time at the relative qualifications of Daly, Martinez, and Pérez, and made an informed decision.  Here you go:

National Organization for Women Endorses Julio Perez

California Chapter of Women’s Group Says Julio Will Move State “Toward a More Level Playing Field”

Santa Ana, CA – Emphasizing his understanding of issues of importance to women, the California National Organization for Women Political Action Committee (CA NOW PAC) today endorsed Julio Pérez for Assembly over his rivals. The organization is committed to electing candidates who strongly support women’s rights.

“With the state budget cuts disproportionally affecting women and children, there has never been a more important time to ensure the Legislature is filled with advocates for women’s voices as well as communities that have been largely ignored” said Patty Bellasalma, president of the California NOW PAC. “Julio understands that challenge and our organization is confident that he will work as a legislator to move our state toward a more level playing field”

The California NOW Political Action Committee aggressively seeks, supports and endorses candidates at local and state levels, with an ultimate goal of achieving full equality for women. CA NOW PAC is the leading organization fighting for women’s rights.

“California women and their families ought to have a government that works for them. This isn’t limited to protecting a woman’s right to choose, but continuing to open wide the doors of opportunity for women throughout the State,” said Julio, who serves as a member of the Latino Advisory Committee for Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties. “Together, we will. I am proud to have the support of California NOW PAC.”

Established in 1966, the Nation Organization for Women strives to eliminate discrimination and secure reproductive rights. Its California chapter is the largest state organization of feminists, both women and men, in the United States.

Julio has earned a broad base of support of from teachers, nurses, environmental and labor groups. Among all candidates, Julio has raised the most, nearing $200,000 total raised. Julio’s ongoing fundraising lead includes contributions from hundreds of progressive small donors and activists.

For a complete list of the statewide and locally elected officials, educators, labor groups, community leaders, public safety organizations, grassroots activists and individuals that are backing Julio Perez for State Assembly, visit

As far as I know, all four Democratic candidates are pro-choice, but as you can see, NOW cares about a lot more than that, like, probably, for example, all the work Julio has done fighting for the rights of hotel workers in Anaheim while his two main rivals have been cozy as bugs with the big business interests in their respective towns.  Just guessing… – ed

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