Why George Clooney…..makes sense!

George Clooney in Chains from "Brother Where Art Thou"

Life imitates "... Art Thou?"


George Clooney got arrested on Friday.  George Clooney spoke before the Senate on Thursday.  George Clooney will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow.  Why does all this sound so natural?  The subject is the Sudan.  North Sudan and South Sudan and over 500,000 dead citizens last year.  2 million dead in the last three years. The same three guys in charge also made the Darfur massacre’s possible.  The world seems to be getting smaller all the time!

The People’s Republic of China owns all of the oil resources of the Sudan.  They would love to buy the full production of that country but there are complications.  North Sudan has the oil, South Sudan has the refineries.  North Sudan is Muslim/Arab, South Sudan is Christian/African.  They both live in a state of constant Civil War.  Roving militant gangs rape, pillage and plunder with atrocities that only a few could conceive possible.  They can’t settle any differences long enough to take advantage of supplying China with the oil they need, relieve the world crunch on supply and make it possible to lower world gas prices.  Perhaps Big Oil, the Saudi’s and the Grand Cartel……are making sure that the evil business in Sudan continues, in order to keep pumping up the demand and accelerating the rising prices of oil and gas throughout the world.

It would be easy to simply say:  Bomb these folks into the Stone Age.  But they already are in the Stone Age!  It would be easy to say that we should send NATO troops into this snake pit and take control of the infrastructure.  The problem is:  There is no infrastructure!  It would be easy to say that we should create “safe zones” around the refineries in the South and the Pipelines in the North, just as they did in Mad Max.  Creating “Safe Zones” might not be a great problem, but keeping those “Safe Zones” operational might be, not to mention the required trunks, rail and air that would be necessary to get that oil to market and the food, water and other goods….back into the “Dead Zone”.

After hearing George Clooney’s arguments about why we should be engaged in the Sudan, the logic and arguments sound compelling.  The prime issues however are finding the reasonable and clear solutions to the current and future chaos of that region.  Our great minds and computer modeling programmers should be able to come up with the right answers.  Constant Chaos, Revolution and Nightmare Realities make it difficult to contemplate those answers.

George Clooney does make sense………….but what are the answers?

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