Zen Masters and the Legendary Lakers




Jerry West was one of a kind.  A gentleman, a superstar, a micro-manager of a supreme degree.  Jerry Buss knew that West was exactly what was necessary to make the transported Minneapolis Lakers…..the terrific modern “Show Time Lakers” that could create NBA Legend by eventually beating the brutal cigar chomping Red Auerback and his doubly brutal Boston Celtics!  When Magic Johnson came to the Lakers with the great array of wonderful, gentlemanly supporting cast…..the fans in LA truly realized what Championship Basketball was and could be – LA Style!  Pat Reilly respresented “the cool, the smooth, the smart and the classy image” that was required for the LA Market.  We were broken hearted when Pat left for Florida.  We were equally broken up when Jerry left for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Zen Master, Michael Jordan mentor and Chicago Bulls Coach Phil Jackson came to the Lakers to tune up a program with Kobie and Shaq.  Losing “the Shaq Attack” was tough.  Even though he could never hit a free throw Shaq had this loveability factor!  The kids loved him and his most secret desire….was to be a cop!  Kobie felt a little held down by the presence of Shaq and it was not going be healthy to keep both SuperStars…..at least that was the prevailing wisdom…..which in the end seemed to work out just fine…with lots of Championships to show for it – even without Shaq.

OK, fast forward…….and the lost of Phil and bringing in a new Coach from no less; the evil Cleveland (Lebron James) Cavaliers.  Lebron moved to Florida and now is considered the least classy player in the NBA.  Lebron is right up there with Tim Tebow (T-Bone)……as the most unlikely Pro-Sport players of 2011.  The new Coach is already “equivacating”.  “No, I didn’t know anything about the trade of Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol…..for ……..”.  Mr. Brown, if you didn’t know about the proposed trade…..what are you doing as the the so-called Coach of the LA Lakers?  Mitch…..did it all……the Son of Jerry Buss?  We are not buying it!

First off, we loved Lamar Odom and he is exactly right………learn about the trade….by reading about it on the Internet of in the Newspapers?  Bull, and not Chicago Bulls either.  “Man up” Brown.  “Man Up”!  Who else are you ridding the Lakers of?  Fish? Kobie?  Your mouthwash ain’t makin it dude!

A cautionary tale to the new decision makers at the Lakers……”Win with class…….of forget it!”  This is the Zen Masters Legend of the Lakers legacy!  And us fans will settle for nothing less….EVER!

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