The DPOC declares solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and Occupy OC.




Writing from Night 5 of Occupy Irvine:

So, we hear on the front lines that the Democratic Party of Orange County on Monday night passed a resolution concluding:

BE IT RESOLVED that the Executive Board of the Democratic Party of Orange County conveys its solidarity with both the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York and with the lawful and peaceable solidarity rallies in Orange County.

That’s a good thing and we appreciate it.  The Republican Party, Greens and Libertarians should follow suit – yesterday.  We also hope to see some more of the OC Democrats who voted (unanimously) to support this resolution helping us out now and swelling our ranks.

Of course his doesn’t mean that the Democratic Party should automatically expect our support…  Oh wait, let me be clear here.  Even though I have been an active Democrat ever since the mayhem of the Cheney/Bush regnency shook me out of my Green complacency, I’m using “we” to refer to the Occupy movement, and “they” to refer to Democrats.

Like I was saying, resolutions don’t mean that a Party should expect the Occupy movement’s support.  If certain Democratic politicians, from the local level on up to our smooth-talking President, continue to pursue policies that benefit Wall Street, bankers and Big Pharma on the federal level, insurance companies and the prison-industrial complex on the state level, and well-connected developers and crony consultants on the local level, over the needs of the 99% of us, they may as well run as Republicans.  On the other hand this movement shows that if they address this movement’s concerns of economic justice in an aggressive way, they have a potential dedicated base out here that should support them, to compensate for whatever corporate campaign cash they might lose out on.

That could take a lot of convincing though, as Glennzilla argues in a typically scathing post (which I’d just as soon you don’t read) on the Obama administration’s Wall Street record.  Does this President have enough time left in his first term to convince this movement somehow that he’s measurably better than his GOP opponents on these important issues?  I sure hope so.

A surprising new study shows the Occupy Movement to be 70% politically Independent – Obama voters in 2008 but not at all loyal to any political party (as well as vastly diverse in age and wealth, but overall highly educated – exactly what we’re seeing in Occupy Orange County.)  The same people whose failure to vote in 2010 enabled the disastrous takeover of Congress by Tea-Party reactionaries.  It is essential to show them that they have a choice in 2012 that’s not the same old lesser evil.

As for myself I’ll continue to remind the movement that, while we’ve learned that electoral politics is only one over-rated part of being effective responsible citizens, it’s also an ESSENTIAL part that has to be utilized smartly in conjunction with other forms of activism.

And each time I profile a political candidate here, he or she will be judged on their plans to address the issues that are important to our movement, and how they support us.  It will no longer be enough to simply be a member of the less-evil Party.

And if there aren’t enough convincing Democrats or viable Greens running, it would be great if some strong Independent candidates emerge from the movement itself!  And then good Democrats should support THEM.

First test:  Let’s see if Assembly candidate Julio Perez comes out to Saturday’s Occupy Santa Ana event.  And let’s see if he speaks – not as a politician but as an activist who sincerely backs our causes.  And let’s see if Michele Martinez or Tom Daly does.

La Luta Continua!


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