Defying the Feds, the Orange Juice Blog offers free advertisement for OC medical marijuana dispensaries.




We watch, in distress, confusion, and resentment, the Obama Justice Department’s redoubled war on California’s Medical Marijuana laws and industry.

We recall clearly that this President and his Attorney General said they would respect the laws of California and other forward-looking states on this matter, and we sadly mark this down as yet another broken promise from a moderate President we would like to support.  (Whose honesty many of us appreciated when he admitted to “smoking a little pot, doing a little blow” in his youth.)

We scratch our heads and wonder what new political, legal or medical considerations could underlie this about-face, with popular opinion trending evermore to legalization and with the California Medical Association recently coming out in support of our Medical Marijuana law.

We witness in dismay and outrage the  persecution of businessmen, patients and dispensaries across our state, and marvel at the priorities placing this issue above the creation of jobs or the prosecution of Wall Street and big-bank bad actors who brought this whole economy to its knees.

We consider with relish the co-optation of feisty “states’ rights” attitude and rhetoric that has usually been the province of right-wing reactionaries and bigots.

We accept with amusement our new, temporary allies the National Rifle Association, who can’t help but combat the Feds’ new policy of stripping second amendment rights from medical marijuana users.

And we wonder, as a rebellious local political blog, what we could do to help fight back.

And when we hear the news that the Feds are now threatening publications with closure and jail time for merely printing advertisements for California’s beleaguered dispensaries, we realize what it is that we can do:

If any Orange County dispensary in compliance with California law
wishes to advertise on the Orange Juice Blog,
we will carry it for free.

(Contact Editor Vern at

We realize that these dispensaries A) may not need any advertisement, and B) may in this new hostile legal climate be actually seeking to fly more under the radar… but the offer stands.

And we smile considering that, with no money changing hands, we are entirely within our First Amendment Rights to carry such advertisements.   So go ahead DOJ – make our day.



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