President Obama. What’s wrong with a balanced federal budget?





I won't sign that GOP budget

What a sad story for our country when the commander-in-chief says he will veto legislation before it is even voted up or down in the House. President Obama. Why are you objecting to a balanced federal budget?

As I research the issue of balancing public sector budgets I discovered that only Vermont, North Dakota and Wyoming do not mandate balanced budgets. Looking further you will find that each of these states population is less than 700,000, not exactly major players when it relates to their revenue and expenditures.

If you or I as private citizens decide to buy now and pay later, be it for a new car or truck or perhaps a new home, the only people impacted are ourselves (and the lender). We do not burden our next door neighbors with our decisions by forcing them to bail us out by paying higher taxes if our decision making results in our becoming upside down.

When network and cable TV pundits say the president has not presented a budget perhaps they forget the 97-0 vote when this past May his $3.7 trillion dollar budget plan was rebuked by every Democrat in the Senate. It’s so easy to speak in generalities, and engage in scare tactics, when you do not present a plan that Congress might actually be willing to accept.

Question for readers: Should the Senate approve HR 2560, the Cut, Cap and Balance Act?

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