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Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation - logo, Fundacion de Sobrevivientes de Trafico HumanoHispanic Women Inspiring Others $10,000 Competition.

Virginia Isaías and “Survivors of Human Trafficking Foundation – FSTH.org”.

The national magazine “Siempre Mujer” is holding its 6th annual competition of Hispanic inspiring women with $10,000 as the prize for the winning not-for-profit.

Virginia Isaías, President and Founder of “Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation” (Fundación de Sobrevivientes de Tráfico Humano – FSTH.org) is a contestant in addition to four other women.

The winning person, by the most votes through FACEBOOK will win $10,000 for their not-for-profit organization’s activities.

Please Vote for Virginia Isaías, and ask your friends to also vote!!!


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(Thank you for your understanding as most of this is in Spanish, in this Spanish magazine!)




Virginia Isaias picture, President and Founder of FSTH.org, Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation, Fundacion de Sobrevivientes de Trafico Humano(Virginia Isaias – picture by John Russo, celebrity photographer)

Virginia Isaías, along with her then 6-month old baby daughter, is a kidnap and human trafficking victim and survivor.  Virginia  founded Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation (“Fundación de Sobrevivientes de Tráfico Humano” – www.fsth.org)  and is focused on providing  free support and innovative programs to survivors of violence, exploitation and slavery, so survivors can ensure their human dignity and full potential.  Virginia is also focused on educating the public to be alert, to prevent and to raise awareness of exploitation and human trafficking so it may one day cease to exist.

  • Virginia is making a significant difference on the lives of abused children, domestic violence victims & human trafficking survivors.
  • Virginia has been funding her foundation with her life-savings.

According to Virginia, she gives the following advice to someone who has the desire to make a difference the way she has:

“Get actively involved.  Stay focused and determined.  Know that faceless, voiceless, and powerless victims need us so that they too can have their freedom, their families, and their lives back”.

And Virginia also wants you to know that, “Your life, your freedom, and your dignity are the most precious gifts that you have.  Truly cherish them and you will have strength and happiness!  And please share of yourself, and join us so that others can have this opportunity!”





Virginia Isaías has participated or spoken at the following:

  • Virginia was a guest participant in the “Women in the World: Stories and Solutions 2010“, an international summit opened by Hillary Clinton, where a video segment on her life was screened. She was also a guest at the “Diane Von Furstenberg Awards” for female humanitarians that took place at the United Nations.
  • Cambridge, MA:  “2010 BITAHR Human Rights and Sex Trafficking Film Forum – Sands of Silence
  • USC (University of Southern California)
  • California Endowment & UC Berkeley joint conference on global health issues affecting immigrant communities
  • Pepperdine University
  • at churches, with other community focused groups, and at various conferences.



  • Virginia was a 2011 recipient of “Women Making a Difference” by CA Senator Lou Correa.
  • Virginia is the main subject of the documentary film in progress SANDS OF SILENCE and has appeared on various media outlets, from Siempre Mujer magazine, to newspapers, the radio shows:  e.g. 690.Am “La Voz del Pueblo”; KUCI (UCI’s Radio station), among others.  On October 14th, she is being interviewed by CNN en español NotiMujer
  • Virginia has successfully established a series of free periodic workshops on domestic violence and human trafficking prevention in Orange County, CA.
  • She is also assisting survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking with basic needs, and empowering them to take charge of their lives so they can live happy, dignified and self-fulfilling lives.
  • Furthermore, although Virginia lacks a traditional college education, she is self-taught, and has earned several mental health certificates.  She is also very proud of her oldest son earning an engineering degree.
  • Virginia is always working on improving herself, while at the same time she brings together specialists from various areas:  business, academia, community leaders, and mental health professionals to educate the community and empower survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking through the periodic free workshops.

Contributions, which are tax-deductible, are welcome.

Checks can be made out to FSTH and mailed to 1415 E. Vermont Ave, Anaheim, CA 92805


For more information about FSTH and its activities, please contact:

Virginia Isaias, President and Founder at 714-469-4186 / visaias@fsth.org or info@fsth.org

Or Francisco J. Barragán 714-605-2544 cell / barraganfj@gmail.com


See fsth.org (in Spanish)

See http://fsth.org/english_site/home.html (in English)

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