OC’s Sarah Palin fans “mobilize” in order to go to The Block in Orange and see her movie. Friday night!




The following announcement just flew across my desk in the spot where I USED to have a transom – an announcement of the OC premiere of Sarah Palin’s new self-worshiping documentary ironically entitled “The Undefeated.”

What’s funniest to me is the description of “local groups” “MOBILIZING” themselves to get to the AMC at the Block to see this “controversial” film.  So, I thought I should pass this on to OJ readers, just in case YOU have the intestinal fortitude to brave the politically correct streets and lamestream avenues in order to stare rapt at the movie that deifies Caribou Barbie.

But seriously, wouldn’t you love to see Bible Spice run for President?  I sure would.  She really does appear to think that she could win;  she shares with George W. Bush and Michele Bachmann the conviction that God has personally chosen her for a task that is so clearly beyond her modest capacities.

Looking at the GOP’s weak field, EVERYBODY thinks they could run.  But nobody would add the entertainment value – and more embarrassment to the Grand Old Party – than the former half-term Governor of Alaska.  And speaking of Michele – how else would we see the dream cat fight between these two?


Good Evening!

Below you’ll find the location for the new Sarah Palin film premiering in Orange County this Friday, July 15th.

Hayley McConnell
CRC Public Relations
703.683.5004 x 167

For Immediate Release
July 13, 2011

Controversial Sarah Palin Film “The Undefeated” Opens This Friday July 15
Local Groups Mobilizing to See Movie

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – The controversial movie about Sarah Palin, “The Undefeated,” which has received major media exposure in USA Today, NY Times, Fox News, CNN, Hollywood Reporter, and even the cover story of this week’s Newsweek magazine, is opening in select theaters this Friday July 15, including the AMC Block 30 @ Orange 20 City Blvd., West Orange, CA.

Local groups are mobilizing to see and support the film. For more information about the local activities surrounding the release of the movie, contact the volunteer in charge of the local promotional efforts: Thomas Schmitz, citizenthomas@gmail.com, 213-713-3564 and Robert Stern, robert.stern7@gmail.com, 626-318-8808.

For more information, visit: www.theundefeatedmovie.com


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