Carmageddon – the Media Looks Stupid Again




In coverage reminiscent of “storm watch” when the electronic media has a live reporter standing on most every corner waiting to report the first rain drop, radio and TV stations focused on the I-405 closure and partial Mulholland Bridge demolition this past weekend, devoting untold air time to what turned out to be a non-event regarding traffic congestion.

The media hype was that a weekend closure of this busy freeway stretch would create chaos- dubbed “CARMAGEDDON” – on many of the LA freeways and surface streets. Hours of coverage were set aside so reporters could report live on the anticipated chaos. Program Directors canceled regularly scheduled shows to have hours long specials on the chaos and carnage.

Well, don’t the electronic media look stupid again? Perhaps the most telling comment came from KFI’s Bill Handel on his “Handel on the Law” show Saturday morning when he mentioned that he would be co-hosting a 1 hour segment on Carmageddon starting at 11 AM. His statement was something like “we are going to spend an hour reporting that nothing happened”.

This event will be repeated in about 6 months when the 405 is again closed to demolish the other half of the Mulholland Bridge. We can only hope that this past weekend’s Carmageddon bust will be a lesson learned by the electronic media. Please, when that day comes if there is not really any news we are not interested in hearing talking mouths or talking heads scrambling to fill the time with irrelevant blabber. Play a recording or an old Rush Limbaugh show or a Lucy re-run or something!

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