Sarah Screws the Pooch again – with video!




How can anyone not like Sarah Palin?  She is cute, with enough wrong with her to be the most attractive person, who may or may not be running for President.  So, down the road Sarah goes….in her “Twisted Sister Bus Tour Around America”.  Testing whether this nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure the nightly news with another Sarah Gaff!  Our due apologies to Abe Lincoln aside, we definitely need some new Saturday Night Live shows…….to get through all of this.  Tina Fey…..America is waiting for the real Sarah Palin!

First off, Sarah says:  Paul Revere was a 2nd Amendment founding father of the NRA….who was busy running around as a courier, telling every Englishman he could find…that the right of the people to keep and bear arms should not be infringed!  We guess Sarah couldn’t quite remember that One if by Land and Two if by Sea….stuff that he had chatted with the Sons of Liberty about – before going on the ride that changed history. 

In any event, on Fox News Sunday found Chris Wallace laughing uncontrollably as Palin kept up the defense of her incredibly “off the mark” remarks.  For 40 minutes Sarah occupied the FNS screen, in her white jacket and Catholic Cross in Torquoise.  Yesterday she wore the Jewish Star.  What next?  Her patented Sarah Palin rimless glasses and early Jim Morrison hairdo rounded out the impact outfit….as Sarah railed endlessly against increasing the debt, President Obama, increasing Government Regulation and the lack of oil drilling here in America.

To round out her 40 minute appearance on Fox News…..she made reference to Mitt Romney and how he had “Screwed Up”….and the fact that Sarah would tell anyone “when they screw up”!  We can’t wait for John McCain to pull the old “Straight Talk Express” out of mothballs and hook up with Sarah on the campaign trail….sort in a Convoy!  In the meantime, we suggest sending your campaign contributions to:

Sorry Sarah, you get to join the ranks of Newt, Halley and about 15 others…..who just haven’t convinced us yet…..that she can do a primetime interview and get away with it unscathed.  Touting the old “Energy Independance” rhetoric…is getting old.  We all know that the more oil we bring in from the United States into the world market….means that the price of oil will rise…because the Saudi’s or Hugo Chavez will then just back down production to keep the price of oil jacked up!  The oil speculators will continue to follow the gold, silver and platinum market strategies.  Sorry Sarah, filling the pockets of big oil will not be a winning strategy in 2012, 2016 or anytime in the future.  Well, unless you demand that all oil produced in the United States only be used in the United States and none is ever exported….including petroleum by products like fertilizers, chemicals, plastic products and….well how about plastic bags and all plastic products?

Sarah, glad you made it through the Harley ride without incident, we were concerned.  OK, get back on that bus across America and stop at every Library and study the History of the United States.  Better yet, get a US History Teacher to ride along with you and help you figure out stuff, before you go on network news.

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