Hey you idiots who voted for Allan Mansoor (you know who you are!)




Judases of the Fairgrounds: illegal lobbyist Ackerman and bought-and-paid-for "legislator" Mansoor.

Yeah, maybe you voted for Allan Mansoor over Phu Nguyen because you really believe the OC’s biggest problem is the huge wave of dark-skinned, Spanish-speaking immigrants pouring across our Southern border, and at least – you felt – Mayor Mansoor was “doing something about it,” whether it was declaring Costa Mesa a “rule of law city,” outlawing soccer in the parks, or closing the work centers so the immigrants would have to stand out on the corners.

Or maybe you voted for Allan over Phu just because he had an “R” next to his name, and that was your religion.   Or maybe you liked his bashing of unions.  Or maybe you’re a Viet who fell for the Trannies’ laughable nonsense that Phu is a “communist” … no, wait, then you’d probably be too stupid to be reading this blog.

Well, you might want to know what Allan’s done now.

Months ago, another Republican assemblyman whom I WON’T name – one who supports keeping the Fairgrounds in public hands – warned us to keep our eyes on Mansoor:  “He’s Facilities Management West’s boy.”  Which made sense, given the thousands of dollars those real estate sharks gave Allan last year (which he reluctantly, PETULANTLY returned when we and the Reg reported on it.)

Now FMW has got their money’s worth from Allan – which ain’t much, as Allan’s political skills are minimal.   Jose Solorio’s profit-sharing bill AB35 – intended to double as a way for Governor Brown to back out of the sale of our Fairgrounds to FMW – breezily passed the Assembly with only 3 NO votes.  One of them being Mansoor, another being the execrable Don Wagner, whom Allan has apparently bonded with up there while playing Sacramento Minutemen.

“Facilities Management West’s Boy.” And remember this humiliating video, where Mayor Allan timidly – glancingly – questioned and criticized those bullies over their increasingly predatory demands and oafish behavior with Costa Mesa negotiators?  This is back when FMW was toying with financing/managing a partnership deal with the city for the property;  NOW Asm. Mansoor is doing what he can to help FMW own our Fairgrounds OUTRIGHT.

Chris Norby distinguishes himself again.

Once again, the north County’s Chris Norby demonstrated the independence that is so RARE in Sacramento Republicans these days. Just as he was the only Republican Assemblyman at all to vote for an end to the wasteful, corrupt redevelopment agencies a few months ago, he was also OUR only OC Republican to join his good friend Solorio – against Mansoor – and vote yes on this fine profit-sharing bill.

Meanwhile Jim Silva, Diane Harkey and Jeff Miller, who have generally been champions of public ownership of the Fairgrounds, abstained from the vote out of “deference” to Mansoor, in whose district the property happens to lie. “Deference?” To Mansoor? Grow up, people, and grow a pair like Norby!

Next up – Senate – and then the Moonbeam Signature. And those of you who, shamefully, voted for Allan Mansoor last year – Facilities Management West’s boy – will have a chance to redeem yourselves NEXT year.

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