Glad we’re not an Oscar Meyer Weiner!




Travails aside, Tony “the Boney” Weiner is going into self-imposed rehab.  He wants to put his career on hold for a short time, so that he can get some professional help for his ego maniac, self indulgent, genital exhibitionist, self absorbed behavior.  Tony knows he needs help.  He found out quickly when thousands demanded that he resign his Congressional position.  

We are waiting for his billboards around America campaign….requesting forgiveness ….during a possible future whistle stopping tour.  Ah, the sweet sounds of redemption….which could well find its way on to the big screen.  “Tony Shows Up” might be a good tag line for a movie like that!  “I used to show everyone what I had… it’s just for subscribers!” –  could be another promo line!

In any event:

The reality is:  Tony Weiner is a Internet Weenie Wagger personified.  In the movie “Parallax View” with Warren Beatty…(If you haven’t seen it – you should)….the journalist goes “deep cover” by being provided with a “sex offender police record”. The well known “Weenie Wagger” tag  followed people then like the plague.  Anti-Social behavior used to mean something.  Today, it has become as common as Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream!
This is what they called in the 60’s as abhorrent social degenerate, an outcast with a very unredempting prognosis.  These people, known as “flashers” are arrested today on a daily basis in front of grammar schools and hiking trails around our nation.  These folks go to jail……as Weiner should –  An Internet Weenie Wagger of the first order!  How many more pictures will have to be found of Weiner and released to the public before someone finally cries Uncle?
Rehab?  How long?  Rehab?  Perhaps, 5 to 10 years… Jim Traficant got (only Traficant got caught for paying a campaign worker to do work on his house.)  Whether Weiner constituents want to re-elect him or not… problem….just spend the 10 years in the can Weiner…and then get back to them.
So, we are glad we are not an Oscar Myer Weiner, a Weiner mobile or a weenie on a bun.  To make it fair, regardless of party….this behavior has to go!

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