Attacks OK on Fat White Male Southern Christians




As I peruse the literature of the “politically correct” I have noticed a pattern or a set of “rules” that I find interesting and very disturbing.  The first rule seems to be that disparaging remarks and discriminating actions about race can only be made by those of the same race unless the race mocked is “white.”  Evidently the theory behind this rule is that since “whites” are not oppressed, they are fair game for racial slurs, negative racial comparisons and disparate treatment.  The second rule is that all religions EXCEPT Christianity (and DEFINATELY include Mormon – the most intolerant of all Christians) are tolerant.  The third rule is that since men have been in positions of power for so long that any sexist actions taken against men are not really sexist and are OK – “women’s forums,” and “women’s societies” GOOD – any male forum is socially unacceptable and BAD.  The fourth rule seems to speak more for the perpetuators of the “politically correct” – liberal urbanites – than any other rational basis – any jokes and disparaging remarks about fat people or those from the South are OK.  Since I belong to four of those five groups, I have a problem with this set of rules.

I have laid out my beliefs about racism repeatedly on this site.  First, I still offer a substantial reward to anyone that can accurately define which race any particular person belongs to.  If you believe the science, all men migrated out of Africa about 50,000 years ago.  These migrations resulted in people populating all four corners of the globe – with different population segments moving to different places at different times.  In this country there has been a long history of racism against just about everyone from the Irish and Italian immigrants to the African American and Chinese slaves.  Treating people differently because of race or skin color is simply wrong and unacceptable.  I don’t create exceptions to that rule, but the politically correct have carved out an exception for “whites” (whatever that means) – I find that every bit as reprehensible as any other form of racism.  I also reject the argument that a “race” (whatever that means) must be oppressed to be subject to racism – distinguishing based on race is racism, PERIOD.

Second, this great country was founded on the concept that everyone was free to pursue their own beliefs.  What we would view as subtle differences in Christian beliefs had subjected large groups of people to discriminatory actions including criminal prosecution.  The concept behind the founding of the US is that we would tolerate these differences in beliefs and allow everyone to pursue happiness in their own way.  The politically correct find it perfectly acceptable to bang on Christians as “intolerant” because of perceived views on gay marriage, abortion and similar topics.  Ironically, in attacking these Christian beliefs, the politically correct are demonstrating that self same intolerance they so condemn – the right of those Christian’s to have their own beliefs and values.

Men and women should be treated equally – PERIOD.  While there were long periods of American history in which women had to fight just to be taken seriously as a political or professional force, disparate treatment like that should not be tolerated today.  The scores of successful women in every industry has created a broad spectrum of role models and evidences that virtually all systematic resistance to women as equals has been eradicated.  the politically correct will howl “but there aren’t as many women ________ as there are men _________.”  To the extent that disparity is the result of sexism, I would support corrective action.  However, while these statements are frequently made anecdotally when I have seen them first hand there are other environmental factors in play such as “why would ANYONE (male or female) want to take on the stress of that job?”

Finally, the pure snarkiness of the politically correct comes out in the unabashed attack on Southerners and the fat.  My unproven theory on this is that the urban liberal creating the “rules” of political correctness cannot relate to the obese or those from the South and feels that discrimination on these groups that “can’t control themselves” is OK.  Yet another example of the hypocrisy of the politically correct.

The answer to all of these issues is simple – treat each person equally.  Not to hard to comprehend if your real agenda is equality and not self-promotion of your own little petty form of censorship.

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