Political Correctness Renames Easter Eggs (updated with Colbert report)




Taking yet another step towards absurdity, a politically correct Seattle school has decreed that henceforth “Easter Eggs” shall be called “Spring Spheres” – I swear I am not making this up.  http://www.mynorthwest.com/?nid=11&sid=459668  Fearing that third graders’ rights would be violated by use of the word “Easter” teachers and school administrators have publicly denounced the Easter Bunny and any offspring – they are evidently fearful that “Hop” is a cleverly concealed allegory about the life of Jesus Christ.

Evidently acknowledging the existence of any Christian Holiday violates delicate sensibilities, even if the object of that celebration (the Easter Egg) has no relationship whatsoever with the religious holiday.  When I was a kid I got a dradle and we sang the dradle song.  I am not Jewish but I was interested in learning about the culture.  I was certainly not offended by the intrusion of knowledge of religion into the classroom.  Many colleges even offer advanced degrees in religion and consider it an appropriate subject of education.  

I have read more than I need to about the Establishment clause.  We have stretched those words in ridiculous ways.  Next we will have to rename the days of the week and the months because they reference Greek and Roman Gods and we can’t have ANY religion in our public life.

Update 4/15: Colbert reports on the controversy!
(posted by Vern, hat-tip Gabriel)

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