OC Syrian-Americans divided over Syria’s revolution




Orange County’s Syrian-Americans are divided over the revolution in Syria. Several protests in front of the Syrian consulate in Newport Beach were held. Some against the regime and others to support it. Many Syrian-Americans suggest that those who support the regime do it out of fear.

“Thousands of miles away, Syrians are still scared to express their true feeling about the Syrian regime… That is how much fear the Syrian regime has built in its own people’s hearts,” posted a Syrian-American Anaheim resident as his facebook status update.

A protest took place on March 23rd against Bashar al-Assad’s regime by some Syrian-Americans. On April 2nd another group of Syrian-Americans demonstrated in front of the consulate to support the regime, then went to Anaheim’s Little Arabia to distribute free coffee and pastry. Organizers described the event as a “celebration” for a “victory of truth over sectarianism,” claiming that the current “instability” in Syria is promoting sectarianism in Syrian society.

The divide in Orange County has escalated.

Last week, the Anaheim-based Watan newspaper reported that graffiti was seen at an anti-Assad insurance agent’s business. The identity or location targeted were not specified:

A day later, an Anaheim-based pro-Assad journalist posted a photo on Facebook of pro-revolution graffiti on a Garden Grove travel agency owned by a Syrian-American who expressed support to the current regime:


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