D’oh! There goes Do.




SO!  Andrew Do, the Garden Grove Councilman who:

  • has had long been the most prominent Vietnamese-American “Jannie” (adherent of Supervisor Janet Nguyen) and was her chief of staff till last year –
  • is generally considered a carpetbagger for his Garden Grove seat, as he owns a huge home in Santa Ana, but rents a little room in GG to justify his position –
  • acted as “bagman” for Janet on at least one 2010 occasion, telling Quang Pham who was then considering a Congressional run against Loretta Sanchez that Janet could deliver him a majority of Little Saigon votes in the GOP primary for the price of $150 grand [a ludicrous offer in retrospect – the fading Janet take that many votes away from Boss Van Tran? – and of course Quang told Andrew to pound sand.] –
  • was fired as a scapegoat by Janet in the wake of her “Black April” fiasco (a fiasco we unforgettably depicted here) –

…has just shaken the little world of Garden Grove by announcing his abrupt resignation from the Council.

His stated reasons?  You guessed it:  He wants to spend more time with his family, and running his business.  Oh, and he took some parting shots at Garden Grove city staff who he suddenly claims haven’t shared enough information with him over the years.  He had only another year left in his four-year term, and now I assume the other four members will have to choose a replacement (I’ll double-check that.)  It OUGHT to be Juice friend Robin Marcario, the great community activist who came in right after Do in the 2008 election.

Something’s going on here that’s not meeting the eye yet.  I think so, Bolsavik thinks so, everyone thinks so.  We will continue to update this story, as we make contact with more pajaritos! (hat-tip to GG resident Jim Benson)

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