Las Ramonas Set to Go Wild in Santa Ana

In taking a break from the worship of electoral politics in OC, let’s remind ourselves that ‘other’ politics take place from below, as in the realms of music and theater.  In that spirit, check the above “Las Ramonas Gone Wild!” video. Order now and get two DVDs “Spring Break Jaraneras” and “Dorm Room Boots 2” for just 9.99? No! But when you go to you WILL get a multi-media extravaganza featuring two one act plays written and performed by Las Ramonas:

“Mujeres Contra la Rabia del Machismo”- Mad Xicana scientists exorcize the “macho” out of the man in your life


“The Freestyle Afterschool Special” – Tia Cha-Cha uncovers the conspiracy behind the disappearance of Latina Freestyle music and gives two young girls the lesson of a lifetime.

This co-production is a first for Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble and Las Ramonas and is presented as a celebration in honor of all Mujeres during International Womyn’s month. Weekend run dates at Breath of Fire Latina Theater in Santa Ana (310 W. 5th Street) are March 25th-27th and April 1-2. In other words, it starts this Friday!

Ok, so we all know how this goes in the comment section, so I might as well preemptively say it: Michelle Quinn Goes Wild!

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