Top Ten Uses of the Arizona Bloodbath! (featuring Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptists)




What do you think were the top ten uses of the Arizona Bloodbath so far?

10.  The e-mailer to our Fullerton Fringers warning darkly: “I’m sure you heard about the vicious political attack against Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona. It was clearly driven by all of the anger and hate spewed from places like this very blog. This is the kind of event that might happen in Fullerton if you keep up your mean rhetoric and hateful talk. If it does, I hope you go to jail for a very long time.”

9.  The New Santa Ana Blog chiding critics of the Santa Ana establishment that any continued criticism could result in a “deranged and bitter movement” that “results in bloodshed” – bringing up as proof the connection that Loughner was wrongly reported as a Democrat and some Santa Ana critics are Democrats;  Loughner seems to be a rightwinger and some Santa Ana critics are rightwingers;  Loughner read some extremist political tracts and so have some Santa Ana critics; and Loughner was caught once with drug paraphernalia as so have some Santa Ana critics.

8.  The Liberal OC sounding the alarm that the re-installation of ex-OJ blogger Sean Mill as Santa Ana Planning Commissioner – Sean who has been known for some intemperate outbursts in the past – is totally reprehensible and dangerous in light of the Arizona Bloodbath.  Shit, think what could happen – there are “Crazy people who will take words and imagery to heart and consider it license to harm and even kill!!!”

7.   Liberals like me, laying (without complete certainty) the blame for this on over-the-top violent political rhetoric from folks like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Sharron Angle.  (There’s something there, but I don’t want to take it too far;  after all, strong rhetoric is an instrument we all deserve and may need.  But maybe we should keep away from saying anything  HOMICIDAL in the near future????)

6.  Defensive right-wingers from our Larry Gilbert to crazy racist Sheriff Arpaio ganging up on the new scapegoat, Tuscon Sheriff Dupnik, for daring to suggest some of the above sensible concerns, accusing him with no evidence of irresponsibly allowing this bloodbath to happen.

5.  The California-based Tea-Party Express (endorsers of Chuck DeVore and Van Tran) quickly attempting to raise funds of this!  Sez they, the Tea Party’s being unfairly blamed for this!  So send us your money!

4.  The Virginia Tea Party bastard responsible for publicizing the address of Congressman Tom Perriello’s brother leading to the severing of his gas lines tweeting “Doesn’t cutting someone’s gas lines seem like nothing now?  What, too early?”

3.   Fox’s Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity working overtime to paint the shooter as a “liberal” or at least not a regular “tea partier.”  They pounced on his inclusion of the Communist Manifesto in his online reading list, along with “Mein Kampf,” as if there were any sort of connection, besides the feeling to a young man that he was reading something radical.  Crazy Glenn:

This kid thinks the Mars rover, the landing, was faked. He thinks George W. Bush was behind 9/11. He believes in big government solution. His favorite books include ‘The Communist Manifesto’ and ‘Mein Kampf’…. I could tell you right now this guy is a textbook study of everybody I’ve warned against. But I’m not going to do that.

2.  Fred Phelps and his Westboro “Baptists” are coming to Arizona to protest the funeral of… the little 9-year old girl who was killed in the massacre.  Um, gag.. why? Because, according to their press release:  “”That child was not innocent!  This is a nation of depraved perverts who pass their children through the fire of their rage against God & all-consuming lust. From the womb, she was taught to hate God & mock His servants. That child is better off dead, so the cup of her iniquity will not overflow!”

(We have a useful post from last year, by our long-lost Red Vixen, suggesting that these Westboro Baptists are just a gang of traveling shyster lawyers who know how to do everything possible to provoke normal folks like you and me until we do something they can sue us for.  Is there a perfect way to ignore them yet?)

1.  Myself! For putting these Westboro pricks in the title of this post – knowing that  readers were clicking on this blog looking for something about them, and I knew that would get us a lot of hits!!

OK, any additions?

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