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Armed Gays Don't Get Bashed

On occasion, I like to profile organizations that I support and endorse.   Some people may find these groups interesting, others may find them downright scary.   Besides, I don’t like organizations that veer towards the boring side.   I kind of relish groups with a hard edge.  (Note:  these are organizations that I support and give money too, not the entire Orange Juice Blog)

Now onto my pitch for our featured group of the day…..

To my LGBT friends:

Are you sick of the incessant pandering and pathetic apologies from the Human Rights Commission (HRC) when it comes to your issues being addressed?  Are you sick of getting physically threatened, bullied or harmed by bigots and being told that defending yourself  from attack or harm is a job that is best served by the police?  Especially when it has been documented that the police really don’t have your best interests at hand or care about your safety.  (See the noose incident at the Equality California offices in Santa Ana this past fall as an example).  Do you want to contribute your dollars to an organization that is more about self empowerment and self reliance rather than one that continues to foster a dependency on government entities?

To my heterosexual friends:

Do you believe that the right to bear arms is a right open to all Americans regardless of sexual orientation and that gun owners and gay people can co-exist peacefully?   Do you subscribe to the belief that best form of gun control is when someone knows how to handle a firearm properly and safely?   Do you believe most gun owners are not a bunch of drunken , tobacco chewing, Toby Keith t shirt wearing bigots with dental work that would make a British dentist giddy?

If you believe in the right to bear arms and LGBT rights (or just like shooting guns for the hell of it with a bunch of fun people),  here’s an organization that caters to all tastes.

Meet the Pink Pistols, an organization founded in 2000 by an openly gay libertarian activist named Doug Krick.  Although Mr. Krick believes in the 2nd Amendment and packs heat wherever he goes,  he has never had to use his gun to fight off any would be assailants.

You don’t need to be a libertarian or gay to join.   Plus, they do provide firearms at their shooting events if you don’t have one or forgot to bring your own.   Right now, there are currently 60 Pink Pistol chapters in 33 states.  An organization like Pink Pistols goes to show that gun owners and LGBT  can co-exist peacefully without being divided by political ideologies.

From their web site:

“The Pink Pistols get together at least once a month at local firing ranges to practice shooting, and to acquaint people new to firearms with them. We will help you select a firearm, acquire a permit, and receive proper training in its safe and legal use for self-defense. The more people know that members of our community may be armed, the less likely they will be to single us out for attack.”

For more information on Pink Pistols or to make a tax deductible contribution, please visit their web site.

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