Mission Viejo’s Clown Dale Tyler




Some people say nothing but stupid things and you worry that blogging about them simply gives the undeserving too much attention.  A group of Mission Viejo anti-everythings led by Dale Tyler and Joe Holtzman fall into that category.  I think that my posts here have consistently demonstrated that I am for a smaller government that taxes the citizenry carefully and only when needed.  Apparently, many of the naysayers believe that the sole function of government is to properly repave roads. 

In the past few months, the naysayers have opposed the following as “outrageous” examples of government spending gone wild: 1) City sponsored movie nights, 2) City sponsored crafts classes, 3) City sponsored pancake breakfasts, 4) STATE sponsored job search assistance and 5) staff office furniture.  THESE are the concerns that this group cares enough about to sacrifice good electronic ink and space to attack.  I am not kidding. 

In the latest version of his VERY lightly read “Watchdog” blog, Mr. Tyler rants that the City of Mission Viejo has usurped private entertainment options in the City:

It is a challenge to find private sector events when a city’s government has usurped the role of entertainment provider.  City hall is fully engaged in offering “free” movies, “free” classes and “free” meals – at taxpayer expense, of course. Even when attendees pay to attend city events, the admission is often a token amount that doesn’t cover taxpayers’ cost. 

Really??  This is what you want to talk about?  These are the same yahoos that penned and supported Measure D which would have required a full vote of the people to add daycare to a church – great use of City expense there.  The cost of that unnecessary and ridiculous ballot measure ($150,000-$250,000) cost more than several decades of free movies, craft classes and pancake breakfasts.

Mr. Tyler then launches an attack on $15,000 the City RECEIVED from the state as a grant to assist in job searches:

Mission Viejo’s library received a $15,000 grant from the state of California to offer “free” (taxpayer funded) workshops on how to get a job. Here’s information (at no cost to taxpayers) that would be even more beneficial to those seeking jobs or trying to stay employed. City hall should stop rezoning commercial properties to residential, thereby preserving potential businesses and jobs in Mission Viejo. Presenting taxpayer-funded workshops to help people compete for fewer jobs is not the best plan.

Again, really??  Yes, we should stop supporting the job searches of those in need because . . . sorry Mr. Tyler, missed your point here again.

The problem with folks like Mr. Tyler is that they are simply against everything and only have the ability to attack and not build.  They will be the first to tell you what they DON’T want, but never have a plan to do something to make the City a better place.  Other than street repair, I have never heard Mr. Tyler or his group point out an example of good government or a good government program.  Maybe they are so far to the right that they have actually moved over to the left and joined the anarchists who believe that there should be no government – I refuse to try and mind read such an inarticulate and muddled set of positions.

While I do believe in small government, I have no problem with showing the “Tooth Fairy” on the lawn of a park for the community to enjoy.  I have no problem with those using the Murray Center taking craft classes.  I think that pancake breakfasts can be fun.  The Naysayers attack on everything causes any real message they have to be lost in the garbled clutter of their angry words.

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